Super Ravo Zapper - Lyme Disease Edition

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1.500 frequency lists (CAFL) included on the software
90 frequency lists related to Lyme disease
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The Super Ravo Zapper in the NLS Edition Lyme Disease was created after years of dealing with Lyme Disease and Frequency Therapy and includes all programs that can be used to support the healing of Lyme Disease.

In the basic programs you will find the individual programs that you should use as standard, afterwards you will find the programs for the possible symptoms that can occur with an infection with Borrelia.

You have the most extensive program of the individual frequencies on your Super Ravo Zapper, NLS Edition Lyme Disease.

Below are the individual programs and their meaning:

  • The number represents the respective program number in the zapper
  • Then comes the respective basic program or the corresponding symptom
  • Then you will find the name of the source:
    • Rife: Dr. Royal Raymond Rife
    • Clark: Dr. Hulda Clark
    • Beck: Dr. Robert Beck
  • Finally, the application time in minutes

Basic programs Borrelia:

  • Borrelia, early stages (Rife), 12 minutes
  • Borrelia garinii (Rife), 4 minutes
  • Borrelia afzeii (Rife), 4 minutes
  • Borrelia basic program 1 (Rife), 32 minutes
  • Borrelia basic program 2 (Rife), 12 minutes
  • Borrelia basic program 3 (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Borrelia basic program 4 (Rife), 20 minutes
  • Borrelia basic program 5 (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Borrelia Basic Program (Clark), 21 minutes

Immune system, blood purification and detox:

  • Beck blood zapper (Beck)
  • Immune system stimulation (Rife), 40 minutes
  • Detox and detoxification (Rife), 24 minutes
  • Liver support (Rife), 12 minutes

General symptoms of Lyme disease:

  • Flu-like symptoms (Rife), 36 minutes
  • Muscle pain (Rife), 28 minutes
  • Fatigue, tiredness (Rife), 20 minutes
  • Joint pain (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Cold extremities (Rife), 12 minutes

Head and neck area:

  • A headache (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Visual disturbances (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Drowsiness and dizziness (Rife), 20 minutes
  • Neck pain (Rife), 8 minutes
  • Neck stiffness (Rife), 4 minutes
  • Tinnitus (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Facial paralysis (Rife), 24 minutes
  • Difficulty concentrating (Rife), 8 minutes
  • Meningitis (meningitis)Rife), 20 minutes
  • Herpes inflammation (Rife), 28 minutes

Upper body and chest area:

  • Pain cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae (Clark), 10 minutes
  • Rib pain (Rife), 20 minutes
  • Irregular heartbeat (Rife), 8 minutes
  • Balance disorders (Rife), 12 minutes

Gastrointestinal area:

  • Stomach pain (Rife), 12 minutes
  • Indigestion (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Flatulence (Rife), 12 minutes
  • Heartburn (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Constipation (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Diarrhea (Rife), 8 minutes
  • Nausea (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Loss of appetite (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Immune system build-up of intestinal flora (Rife), 20 minutes
  • Inflammation from Helicobacter pylori (Rife), 8 minutes

Hormonal fluctuations without organic findings:

  • Fluctuating blood pressure (Rife), 4 minutes
  • Underactive thyroid (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Hyperthyroidism Rife), 4 minutes
  • Blood sugar fluctuations (Clark), 21 minutes
  • Hormone disorders (Rife), 8 minutes
  • Testosterone men (Rife), 4 minutes
  • Testosterone women (Rife), 4 minutes
  • Estrogen for women and men (Rife), 4 minutes
  • Menstrual disorder (Rife), 8 minutes
  • Loss of menstruation (Rife), 20 minutes

Mental symptoms:

  • Depression (Clark), 21 minutes
  • Restlessness (Rife), 4 minutes

Genital area:

  • Vaginal mushroom (Rife), 12 minutes
  • Trichomonads (Rife), 4 minutes
  • Chlamydia (Rife), 20 minutes
  • Bladder dysfunction (Rife), 16 minutes


  • Eczema (Rife), 24 minutes
  • Psoriasis (Rife), 20 minutes
  • Nail fungus (Rife), 8 minutes
  • Erythema migrans (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Itching (Rife), 24 minutes


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (Rife), 16 minutes
  • Back and joint problems (Clark), 21 minutes

Note: The programs and their program names provide a list of Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Robert Beck in relation to Lyme disease and are stored in the zapper.

The purchase of this zapper does not replace conventional medical diagnosis and / or therapy, but merely provides a complementary treatment option. Frequency therapy is not recognized in conventional medicine. Subsequently, the listing of the frequency programs does not represent a healing promise.

 For more information on Borrelia and Frequency Therapy, visit us webinars:

Borel Lien

The aim of the webinar is to give you a simple overview of how to use a zapper to treat Lyme disease.

At the end of the webinar you have enough information to:

  • to choose the right zapper
  • to use the zapper correctly
  • Prevent mistakes or negative consequences by a zapper
  • apply the right frequencies at the right time intervals

You can find our current events at:
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