Diamond Shield Zapper IE

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Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS with earthing cable and socket tester

The basic model

Wellbeing programs according to Dr. Clark, Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck and HP Baklayan

This product is the Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS with earth cable, All detailed information about the Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS can be found here!


  • 15 standard programs
  • discharge function
  • Harmonic vibrations according to Baklayan

In addition, the zapper can be upgraded at any time using chip cards in accordance with the desired application areas. Pre-programmed chip cards are available as accessories for some applications.

For reasons of advertising law, we are obliged to the following notice: We distance ourselves from any healing statements or promises. The products serve the general well-being and can have a supporting effect. All statements are in the sense of the Therapeutic Products Act. Possible effects and effects of the application are purely empirical information that has not been scientifically proven.

What's in the box

  • Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS
  • Metal bracelet cuffs
  • electrode cable
  • 2 adhesive electrodes 80x45 mm
  • 9V block battery
  • Plastic case
  • ground wire
  • socket tester

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