Diamond Shield IE Professional

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Net selling price€ 577,50
tax amount€ 115,50
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The frequency device for programming for professionals

  • easy zapper operation
  • Operating modes in the Zapper basic equipment:
  • including ChipCard TOP 121
  • Frequencies can be played from ChipCard
  • Frequencies can be entered and on individual chip cards be programmed
  • Chip cards with various indications available

Saving the tested frequencies on ChipCard

  • With the Diamond Shield Professional, specific bio frequencies are stored on a ChipCard
  • this ChipCard with its individual program can be used at home with the Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS than anwer
  • ChipCards can be reprogrammed any number of times

Pre-programmed ChipCards:

  • ChipCards available with a wide range of pre-configured frequency processes

For reasons of advertising law, we are obliged to the following notice: We distance ourselves from any healing statements or promises. The products serve the general well-being and can have a supporting effect. All statements are in the sense of the Therapeutic Products Act. Possible effects and effects of the application are purely empirical information that has not been scientifically proven.

What's in the box

  • Diamond Shield IE EMS Professional
  • Metal bracelet cuffs
  • electrode cable
  • 2 adhesive electrodes 80 x 45 mm
  • ground wire
  • socket tester
  • 9V block battery
  • charger
  • Plastic case
  • Database chip card TOP121
  • Frequency primer II

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