Diamond Shield IE Crystal Zapper

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Base price including taxes € 498,00
retail price€ 480,00
Net selling price€ 400,00
discount-18,00 €
tax amount€ 80,00
Standardized price / kg:
Features XNUMX

well-beingPrograms for your zapper according to Dr. Clark, Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck and HP Baklayan

New programs:

  • Crystal
  • Diamond Shield
  • Relaxation
  • wellness
  • Goldstream

Newthat are contained in the standard programs and in the Diamond Shield Chipcard programs are integrated:

What's in the box

  • Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper IE EMS
  • Metal bracelet cuffs
  • electrode cable
  • 2 adhesive electrodes 80 x 45 mm
  • Earthing cable (plug type F, "Schuko")
  • socket tester
  • 9V block battery and charger
  • Plastic case
  • electrode belt for the application of the Crystal program

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