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frequency therapyIn the German-speaking literature, there is little information on the topic of frequency therapies, even in the English-language literature is doing now very difficult. Numerous books on frequency therapy have disappeared from the market, or out of stock.

We have tried in this blog to prepare as much information as possible on the topic of frequency therapy for them, but point out that all content and texts on this subject, respectively, the statements of the inventor, or manufacturer of frequency therapy devices or were.

We at the institute see frequency therapy as an alternative to conventional medicine, frequency therapy can claim great success, but we do not see frequency therapy as a complete replacement for conventional medicine, we recall the dubious statements of Dr. Hulda Clark regarding the development of cancer!

For additional information on the Frequency Therapy section below, we have the following offers for you:

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Differentiation to conventional medicine

All diagnosis and treatment methods presented here are the content of the naturopathic experience medicine and the methods from the research results of modern quantum physics, based on a number of Nobel Prize winners since about 1900. (Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, Nils Bohr, etc.) These are not among the generally accepted methods in the sense of recognition by the scientific conventional medicine, based on the classical physics since Isaac Newton (1642-1727). All statements made and findings on modes of action and indications of the presented methods are based on the current findings and empirical values ​​of the respective therapeutic directions themselves.
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