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Frequency therapy

Frequency therapy - functioning and effect

At present many frequency therapy devices are offered on the market and partly the advertising messages of the respective manufacturers of frequency therapy devices are very promising.

But what is frequency therapy exactly, and is it really a form of therapy? How does the frequency therapy affect the human body?

If you look on the Internet for frequency therapy at the manufacturers for explanations, they will find little and sometimes even find false information.

Afterwards I would like to offer you an explanation of the frequency therapy and also the effect in the human organism.

Radio Frequency Resonance (RFR) uses the resonance of the radio frequency signal for examination and treatment.

It is well known that only the high frequency radio frequency signal source (e.g., the proximity of a broadcast transmitter) is responsible for the health damage, whereas frequency generators used in medical practice are not hazardous.

The RFR method that the lower microorganisms investigated, uses the 200-1200 kHz band of the frequency generator (with low current), whereby the connection periphery - using the interference principle - displays and measures the resonant frequency bands of the microorganisms.

This is made possible by the fact that the resonance bandwidth of virus, bacteria and small fungi is much lower than that of the living organs, which have much more complicated DNA structures and are more complexly organized.

The electron that runs along the DNA chain works like a resonant circuit. It is well known that in the case of resonance, the resistance of the resonant circuit and the voltage drops in the circuit can be measured.
In particular, the traditional approved drugs used to destroy pathogens, but if they are not effective, RFR technology can be used in medical practice, always accompanied by traditional clinical and laboratory controls.

The great representatives of medicine have always emphasized that therapy should always be based on the principle of cause and effect, and the symptomatic treatment of patients is only allowed if the cause and effect principle can not be used for some reason, either because the pathogen was not identified, or because the effective drugs that could destroy the previously identified pathogens are not available (eg certain viruses, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi)

The frequency therapy method can identify the infection of the organism by localizing the resonant pathogens.

These results can then be correlated with the patient's symptoms and the exact clinical diagnosis based on traditional microbiological tests, the results of clinical laboratory measurements, and traditional and modern medical examination methods.

The basis of treatment with radio waves is their ability to penetrate all tissues of the body, they are also very capable of destroying microorganisms that occur in places where other traditional methods are unsuccessful, eg in the brain where the otherwise effective antibiotics have difficulty crossing the blood-brain barrier. Even if they overcome this barrier, they can not reach appropriate bacteriostatic or bactericidal concentrations.

The primary structure of the DNA It is known that it consists of two complementary twin strands and forms a so-called double helix, which in turn creates a secondary structure.

The "biological coil", which is developed as a function of the secondary structure of the DNA, generates a resonance in the frequency domain.

Between the windings of the coil appears - due to the same charge - a "repulsive" force trying to push them apart. As the coil expands, the frequency deviates and therefore does not oscillate at the same frequency.

Its expansion creates a tensile force, and the frequency of the secondary DNA slowly returns to the original frequency range and can resonate again with the same sinusoidal signal.

As we read from the post resonance disaster from the series frequency therapy know, every biological system has a so-called natural frequency. If you hit this frequency, the system is forced to resonate (e.g. bacterium, Virus etc.) until the biological system can no longer withstand the vibration and is destroyed.

Therefore, in the frequency therapy and the length (duration) of the respective frequencies is important, more details in the lecture: frequency therapy applied correctly.

If the change in the DNA of the pathogen is irreversible - for example, the DNA chain is severed - the resonance can not be restored, the affected virus, bacterium or fungus is destroyed, and the corresponding systems of the body degrade and remove the remnants of the pathogen she out of the body.

Historically, frequency therapy has the problem that many authors have previously made mistakes or misinterpretations that are still having an effect today.

As a result, frequency therapy is better known today than a method used by naturopaths, healers, rather than being used in orthodox medicine.

This is often related to the fact that there are currently mystical or simply insufficiently functioning devices on the market, on the other hand, the training or literature in German is not available.

However, it is all the more pleasing that in recent years the interest of the representatives of conventional medicine in the field of frequency therapy, who use these frequency therapy devices also in the current practice, steadily, and thus also correctly Achieve success.

Frequency therapy, applied with the right equipment and understanding, is a modern application of modern physics, where RFR technology makes it possible to study pathological processes in a different way.

The private user of frequency therapy devices should keep in mind that complex systems also need a basic understanding of the subject of frequency therapy.

Many devices on the market, do not promise what they hold, which means that the entire frequency therapy is often presented as a pseudo-science among esoterics.

Article author:
Herbert Eder

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