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Dr. Raymond Royal Rife

rife istitutWe would like to thank you Dr. Raymond Royal Rife once presented factually and without emotions.

Royal Raymond Rife (* May 16, 1888, † August 11, 1971)

Under medical supervision, he has treated with his generator people who had already been given up by medicine as incurable.

The patients had no symptoms after three months, and a medical commission declared them cured. Everything has been duly recorded in detail.

It is thanks to him that frequency therapy has developed from the first random results to completion. This also benefited Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Robert Beck.

The further development of his idea is reflected in the

Dr. Raymond Royal Rife has logged tens of thousands of scientific experiments and gathered evidence that frequency therapies work for healing and health.

He was a brilliant scientist, but he was also heavily criticized when he found a method to cure tumors. He has been discredited, even arrested, but for those of you who are willing to do your own research, as I did, you will find that many highly respected doctors and medical authorities deal with Royal Rife worked together, testified, confirmed and reflected the technical aspects of his incredible results and remarkable findings.

Royal Raymond Rife Jr. was born on May 16, 1888 in Elkhorn, Nebraska. His father was a mechanical engineer by profession and originally came from Ohio. His mother was Ida May Chaney Rife and was from Dryden, Iowa. When he was eight months alt his mother died, and his father took him to his sister Nina Colber Rife Dryden, who had raised him. In 1905, at the age of 17, he graduated from high school and entered John Hopkins University to study medicine.

Visited later Dr. Royal Rife the University of Heidelberg in Germany, in 1914 he received an honorary doctorate from this university for his services to parasitology.
In his experiments and in his unique microscope, he observed living ones bacteria and virus, and he discovered that the individual types of microbes react to an electrical frequency field and even kill them within a very short time

Following another 1936 honorary doctorate from the University of Southern California for his work in cancer research.

He received 14 major awards and honors and received in 1936 Rife an honorary doctorate from the University of Southern California. In the 66 years in which Rife Designed and built medical instruments, he worked for Zeiss Optics, the US government and several private benefactors. Most notable was the millionaire Henry Timkin of Timkin's roller bearings. Because Rife self-taught in so many different areas, he intuitively looked for answers in areas that went beyond the rigid scientific structure of his time. He had mastered so many different disciplines that he literally had the skills and knowledge of an entire team of scientists and technicians from various scientific fields at his disposal. Whenever new technologies were needed for a new task, invented Rife just do it and then build it yourself.
The inventions of Rife include a heterodyne ultraviolet microscope, a microdissector, and a micromanipulator. Around 1920 Rife the world's first virus microscope completed.

But how could Rife achieve that when electronics and medicine were just developing? Here are a few technical details to appease the skeptics ... Rife carefully identified the individual spectroscopic signature of each microbe using a slit spectroscope attachment. Then he slowly turned block quartz prisms to apply light of a single wavelength to the microorganism to focus on, which he examined. This wavelength was chosen because it resonated with the spectroscopic signature frequency of the microbe, based on the fact now discovered that each molecule vibrates at its own frequency.

The atoms, which combine to form a molecule, are held together in this molecular configuration with a covalent energy bond that both emits and absorbs its own specific electromagnetic frequency. No two types of molecules have the same electromagnetic vibrations or energy signatures. Resonance amplifies light in the same way that two ocean waves amplify as they fuse together.

The use of a resonance wavelength has the consequence that invisible in white light microorganisms suddenly appear in a brilliant flash of light when exposed to the color frequency that resonates with their own spectroscopic signature. Rife was able to see these otherwise invisible organisms and observe how they actively penetrated tissue cultures. Rifes discovery enabled him to see organisms that no one else could see with ordinary microscopes.

rife micro1rife micro2

Royal Rife built four more models of optical microscopes that were far more powerful than all other models of his time ... and even today! Royal improved and "perfected" in the early 1930s Rife the Universal Prismatic Microscope with an enlargement of 60.000 diameters and a resolution of 31.000 diameters. (Still the most powerful in the world at the moment!) Dr. Rife was the first to see live viruses. In his search for this microscope, he developed a method for identifying various organisms and theirs MORs or Mortal Oscillatory Rates. This meant that every organism had a signature frequency at which it vibrated or resonated. Rife further developed this technology by building a frequency instrument that could reproduce this MOR and kill the organisms.

rife micro big
The theory can be explained using an analogy of an opera singer who breaks a crystal glass with her voice. The glass vibrates at a certain frequency. When the opera singer sings at this particular frequency, the glass shatters in the same way as the organism when he does Rife-Machine generated frequency is exposed.

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