Department of Frequency Therapy

We particularly take care of the professionals on site, namely the worldwide therapists who deal with frequency therapy . employ

We want to support them to integrate frequency therapy successfully into their daily therapy and offer numerous services related to this topic.

Register with us as a therapist free of charge and benefit from the numerous offers of a manufacturer-independent information, training, sales and consulting company.

You will be activated by us within 24 hours of your registration.



Your benefits:

  • Better purchase conditions (therapist prices) on all frequency therapy devices
  • Better purchasing conditions (therapist prices) on all diagnostic devices
  • Better purchase conditions (therapist prices) on all frequency chips
  • Creation of individual frequency lists for your patients with regard to their symptoms
  • Delivery within 24 hours on account (no advance payment required) to our registered therapists
  • Technical information on devices, manufacturers that you will not find in the public area
  • Advice if you want to work with frequency therapy in your practice
Duration: lifetime
Price: free


Article author:
Herbert Eder

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