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There are many therapists around the world who deal with frequency therapy and would like to pass on the knowledge.

In this way they document their know-how to potential customers.

For this purpose, we put a system online on January 1.1.2021st, XNUMX, which allows the therapist to record specialist articles.

These are not only presented on our website, we even translate them into different languages.

Working with us creates benefits for both the customer and the therapist.

We look forward to many specialist articles and information from the professionals in frequency therapy.

Become our content partner today and benefit from our traffic and the ever-growing fan base.


Benefits for the therapist:

  • Possibility of presentation with professional input
  • unlimited article posting in our content system
  • automatic translation of texts into foreign languages
  • Listing of the articles under a therapist profile

Take out a subscription for 12 months and pay € 15 per month.

Duration: 1 Monat
Price: € 15,00

How are authors found?

In the author overview, customers can search for specific authors by name and the respective author can present himself as follows:

  • Gallery
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • website
  • Description of the author

Immediately afterwards the list of all articles by the respective author follows.

Example: NLS-Informationsmedizin GmbH as the author


How do customers come to you as an author?

Here's the best example:

You will find the author info box at the bottom of every article you have written.

Here you will be informed about the author and will automatically see further articles about the author as well as the description of the author.

Clicking on the name takes you directly to the author's page with all the essential details:

Article author:
Herbert Eder

Do you want to publish your texts with us? Then become our partner!

You pass on your knowledge and thus document your know-how in the field of frequency therapy.

We take care of the translation of your text into other languages.

Register here: Content-Partner

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