Therapists directory

Since January 1st, 2021 our Frequency Therapy - Business Directory online.

Our vision is to create a worldwide directory for doctors, naturopaths, therapists and energetic professionals by the end of 2021.

The advantages for therapists as well as patients are obvious.

The enormous demand for therapists from all countries was the decisive factor in the programming of this directory in 2020.

After a development work of around 4 months, the business directory is now online.

Advantages for the customer:

The customer finds the therapist in their immediate vicinity and can search for:

  • Country (worldwide)
  • Profession (doctor, naturopath, therapist, energetic, etc.)
  • Forms of therapy
  • Devices (NLS analysis, radionics, biofeedback, etc.)
  • Language skills of the therapist


Benefits for the therapist:

A listing in the industry directory is particularly interesting for therapists.

In addition to the documentation of the existing know-how in this area, therapists also benefit from the high access rates of the website.

Many people around the world are looking for this form of treatment, it combines information and therapists.


The annual subscription "Business Directory" offers you the following advantages:

  • High frequency of visitors to the website from Germany and abroad!
    This will also find your offer.
  • Automatic translation into numerous languages
  • Customers become aware of your specialty

Take out a subscription for 12 months and pay € 25,20 per month.

Duration: 1 Monat
Price: € 25,20

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Article author:
Herbert Eder

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