Frequency database

Everyone who deals with frequency therapy busy, knows the problem.

Frequency lists are collected in paper form or in electronic form and as a rule there are few or no filtering and sorting options.

Most are content with a search for pathogens or symptoms, but the approach in which frequency lists various frequencies occur or their combination appears much more interesting.

With our new online database you have the opportunity to do serious research and to find your conclusions from the respective analyzes.

There are currently over 6.000 frequency lists in the database.

The sources for this are the frequency lists from ORGANIC, CAFL, HC, KHZ, PROV, RIFE, VEGA and XTRA.

For the first time will also DNA Frequencies documented online (search group: DNA).

Brief overview of the frequency database


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  • Advantages in the area of ​​blog articles and product information:
    • Internal information on the applications of individual products
    • Further frequencies to the contributions, not just those CAFL - list
    • Access to the DNA frequencies
  • Access to our frequency database:
    • Over 6.000 frequency lists
    • Combined search for:
      • Pathogens
      • Source origin
      • frequencies
  • Advantages in the area of ​​the forum:
    • Questions in the member area will be answered 100% within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) by a specialist from NLS
  • Advantages in the area of ​​the online shop:
    • Free delivery of all products with the exception of the plasma devices
  • Advantages in the webinar area:
    • 10% on all booked webinars
  • Other advantages:
    • Free download of the CAFL - List as PDF
    • Free download of the CAFL - List as Excel

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