Curve graphics in NLS systems

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Practical NLS expert knowledge
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The secret of the NLS curves.

Many users of an NLS system - doctors, alternative practitioners, health advisors, therapists in general, energetic specialists, etc. - have repeatedly asked for this for years:

For solid and comprehensible information on the curve graphics.
What they mean, how they can or should be read.
The context in which the results with the various functions of the systems are to be viewed.

This learning book has been available since December 2015. Meanwhile in the 3rd edition.


A learning book for users of NLS systems such as OBERON®, Metavital®, Metatron®, Eta- / Emotion- / Delta- / Meta- / ... scan, Biolaz, Bioplasm, Introspect, NILISA, Physiospect, EHO-Diagnose, WellAnalyse ® and similar ...

The focus is of course on the curve graphics.

There are many practical examples of this.
Among other things: how you can verify and check etalons yourself.

The book is in A4 format and comprises 68 pages.

ISBN 978-3-00-057582-2

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