ABC of NLS systems

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A learning book in German
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Operate NLS systems and interpret results.

A learning book in German that probably describes every function of the device and software in detail.

With many critical comments and helpful practical tips.

With its own chapter for those interested in buying a device!


A learning book for users of NLS systems such as OBERON®, Metavital®, Metatron®, Eta- / Delta- / Meta - / ... scan, Biolaz, Bioplasm, Introspect, NILISA, Physiospect, 7D / 9D-LIris, WellAnalyse®
and similar...

The book is in A4 format, with thread stitching and a hard cover. There are over a hundred pages with text content and around 260 illustrations. That corresponds roughly to a book with 500 pages in DIN A5 format.

ISBN 978-3-00-057582-2 [Use this ISBN to transfer the title to the Citavi project]

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