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There are enough business and tax consultants, why do you need quantum intelligent business advice, or what are the advantages of this?

In classic management consultancy, one always starts with past-related data (key figures) but also with experience in relation to the national economy, the shareholders and the stakeholders, in order to create a forecast for the future.

Most management consultants no longer even bother to validate the figures but work in the usual way with paste & copy.

The crucial question is, how can I recognize a marked cube? Quite simply, in that I have statistical experience about the number of eyes from the past and then compare this with the current cube results.

If there is a massive deviation, you can assume that something is wrong with this cube. The more empirical values ​​have been collected, the more precisely the calculations and thus also the determinations can be made.

But what does it look like if I am not based on empirical values ​​or if there are outside influences that have not been taken into account in the past?

Our times are much more dynamic than they were 50 years ago. New external influences, whether economic or political, are constantly approaching us. In most cases you cannot count on it, or you do not want to admit these parameters at all.

This is where quantum intelligent management consultancy helps, which the company does not analyze from the static and past-related data, does not interpret the hard and soft facts of a company, but filters interference fields and blockages in resonance patterns via the quantum information field and then prepares them classically for managers.

We thus provide a quantum physical interface in the information field of your company and its environment. It aims to map the influences acting in the background of your company through extensive databases that cover all important business areas and processes.

The well-known Viennese quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger, who succeeded in the first experiment on quantum teleportation, confirms that reality at its most basic level is not matter and substance, but pure information.

Why not use this knowledge to successfully keep your company on course in stormy times.

Now many of you will think, such an esoteric ramblings, I only believe in facts and results.

Then you are right with us!

We only believe in facts and results and only present them to you.

The only difference is the source from which we draw and calculate these results.

Article author:
Herbert Eder

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Differentiation from classic management consultancy

I worked for over 20 years in classic management consulting for banks and companies in Germany and abroad. Well over 1.500 business plans, restructuring plans, forecast calculations for well over 800 companies across all industries were created by me. No matter whether startups, targeted company closings, bankruptcies and reorganization proceedings, we found the right solution for our clients.

In the past 10 years, I have intensively dealt with quantum entanglements and information fields and found that there are almost unlimited possibilities to successfully use this information field in consulting.

Therefore, my advice does not replace a tax advisor or a business advisor, but serves as a supplementary source of information in order to be able to react more successfully in situations.

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