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Welcome to the homepage of the association “Friends of frequency therapy"!

If you are interested in frequency therapy, then you've come to the right place.

Our association “Friends of Frequency Therapy”, based in Lilienfeld (Austria), has set itself the goal of exploring frequency therapy in detail and in depth and giving our members the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject of frequency therapy.

Become a member, regardless of whether you are a user, doctor or therapist, manufacturer or expert in this field.

What does our association offer its members?

  • Extensive literature on the subject of frequency therapy (including copies that are already out of print)
  • Extensive frequency therapy devices in our house for testing and self-use
  • Large network of leading experts worldwide
  • Close contacts to manufacturers around the world to always have the latest information and devices available
  • Establishment of an internal forum for information exchange, exchange of experience and direct contact with the manufacturers
  • Workshops on site
  • Expert talks
  • Profound knowledge that cannot be made publicly available due to the current legal provisions and is therefore only available to association members
  • Development of a digital library on this topic (depending on the legal situation and with the consent of the authors or publishers)
  • Monthly Newsletter (if requested) with the latest worldwide news

Types of membership

You like our work in relation to frequency therapy and you would like to support it with an annual membership fee of € 25 per year.

We are grateful for every member, this is what makes the purchase of old historical devices possible.

Duration: 1 year
Price: € 30,00

  • Advantages in the area of ​​blog articles and product information:
    • Internal information on the applications of individual products
    • Further frequencies to the contributions, not just those CAFL - list
    • Access to the DNA frequencies
  • Access to our frequency database:
    • Over 6.000 frequency lists
    • Combined search for:
      • Pathogens
      • Source origin
      • frequencies
  • Advantages in the area of ​​the forum:
    • Questions in the member area will be answered 100% within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) by a specialist from NLS
  • Advantages in the area of ​​the online shop:
    • Free delivery of all products with the exception of the plasma devices
  • Advantages in the webinar area:
    • 10% on all booked webinars
  • Other advantages:
    • Free download of the CAFL - List as PDF
    • Free download of the CAFL - List as Excel

Take out a subscription for 12 months and pay € 15,60 per month.

Duration: 1 Monat
Price: € 15,60

Your benefits:

  • Better purchase conditions (therapist prices) on all frequency therapy devices
  • Better purchasing conditions (therapist prices) on all diagnostic devices
  • Better purchase conditions (therapist prices) on all frequency chips
  • Creation of individual frequency lists for your patients with regard to their symptoms
  • Delivery within 24 hours on account (no advance payment required) to our registered therapists
  • Technical information on devices, manufacturers that you will not find in the public area
  • Advice if you want to work with frequency therapy in your practice
Duration: lifetime
Price: free

The annual subscription "Business Directory" offers you the following advantages:

  • High frequency of visitors to the website from Germany and abroad!
    This will also find your offer.
  • Automatic translation into numerous languages
  • Customers become aware of your specialty

Take out a subscription for 12 months and pay € 25,20 per month.

Duration: 1 Monat
Price: € 25,20

Benefits for the therapist:

  • Possibility of presentation with professional input
  • unlimited article posting in our content system
  • automatic translation of texts into foreign languages
  • Listing of the articles under a therapist profile

Take out a subscription for 12 months and pay € 15 per month.

Duration: 1 Monat
Price: € 15,00



Article author:
Herbert Eder

Do you want to publish your texts with us? Then become our partner!

You pass on your knowledge and thus document your know-how in the field of frequency therapy.

We take care of the translation of your text into other languages.

Register here: Content-Partner

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