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Bacillus anthracis - anthrax

Bacillus anthracisBacillus anthracis is a relatively large, immobile, rod-shaped, gram-positive, facultative anaerobic bacterium and is responsible for the so-called anthrax (Anthrax).

Anthrax is a disease of ungulates such as cattle or sheep that become infected with Bacillus anthracis.

The bacteria survive in the soil in spore form for years.

These bacteria get into the earth through the excretion of animals, or through burying carcasses, or through the wastewater from industry (tanneries, etc.).

These spore forms are taken up again by animals when they eat food and then multiply in the animal.

The transmission to humans occurs directly via sick animals, contaminated animal products or particles infected by inhalation.

Depending on the entry point, a distinction is made between the following diseases:

  • Skin anthrax: Caused by minor skin injuries. Within a few days, an anthrax carbuncle with a necrotic, disintegrating center forms.
    The pathogen can spread and settle in internal organs.
  • Pulmonary anthrax: Caused by inhalation of the dust containing the pathogen.
    The symptoms are: atypical, severe bronchopneumonia, which may be accompanied by bleeding from the lungs.
  • Intestinal anthrax: Caused by ingestion of contaminated food. The symptoms are usually vomiting and bloody diarrhea.

Anthrax is a rare disease in Austria and Germany.
If this occurs, however, then one can expect severe courses, so anthrax must definitely be treated by conventional medicine.

Bacillus anthracis and frequency therapy

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 Legal information on frequency therapy:

The information provided on our website cannot and must not be used to make independent diagnoses and / or to independently select and use or discontinue medicinal products, other health products or treatment methods. Many symptoms and ailments can occur with various diseases. A doctor must always be consulted for a reliable diagnosis and treatment.
Frequency therapy can only be seen as a supplement to conventional medicine

Frequency therapy has not been proven by conventional medicine, nor are there any scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of frequency therapy!

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