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Ascites and Frequency Therapy

AscitesAscites is a pathological accumulation of free fluid in the abdominal cavity, more precisely the peritoneal cavity. The term is used both for the clinical picture and for the fluid. Ascites is always a sign of a serious illness.

Cancer patients with an advanced tumor disease in particular can be affected by "malignant ascities".

Ascites only causes problems when large amounts of fluid have accumulated and the abdominal girth visibly increases. A feeling of pressure and pain may occur.

In about every tenth person affected, however, the accumulation of water in the abdomen is due to cancer.

If a tumor is the cause, one speaks of "malignant ascites".

Other causes that can lead to ascites include, for example, decreased heart or kidney function or inflammation of the peritoneum or pancreas.

On the part of frequency therapy there are few frequency lists on this topic.

The frequency lists are below XTRA, ETDF, RIFE:

| 70 | 37500 | 31907 | 37605 | 31000 | 39167 | 18667 | 34577 |
| 70 | 520 | 6230 | 37500 | 355080 | 475090 | 527000 | 667000 | 789000 | 987230 |
| 727 | 787 | 10000 |


Association "Friends of Frequency Therapy"


Friends of frequency therapy

For our Club members our house is open as always. we like to invite you to efficient possibilities.

Especially with ascites, club members can take a regeneration week with us.

If you are not yet a member, the membership fee for the first year is free of charge when you book the regeneration week in our house!

In particular we recommend:

  • Plasma generator Athon 5
  • Plasma generator RPZ 15
  • Lakhovksy multi-wave oscillator

The offers below only represent the prices (room and equipment rental) for club members, but without overnight accommodation.


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If you are looking for a place to stay, we recommend the following establishments:

Accommodation for therapies or for friends of frequency therapy in Lilienfeld




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