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ADHD and frequency therapy

ADHDAttention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sometimes called fidgety philipp syndrome, belongs to the group of behavioral and emotional disorders that begin in childhood and adolescence.

It manifests itself in problems with attention, distractibility, learning disorders, impulsivity and self-regulation, motor restlessness; sometimes there is also strong physical restlessness (hyperactivity). ADHD usually becomes apparent before the age of 7 and occurs permanently in at least 2 areas of life.

ADHD symptoms can be divided into three core areas:

• Poor attention and concentration problems
• Impulsive behaviors
• Pronounced restlessness

Unfortunately, in this day and age, ADHD is talked about very quickly, especially when children are inattentive. Only specialist doctors should make reliable diagnoses.

According to today's science, signal disturbances in the brain, such as the missing messenger substances serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in the area of ​​the frontal lobe, as well as certain areas of the atammary ganglia and cerebellum, can be the cause of ADHD.

To support conventional medical treatment and therapy, the frequency therapy the following frequencies:

| 3230 |
| 428 | 444 | 450 | 465 | 470 | 471 | 621 | 660 | 727 | 760 | 762 | 769 | 770 | 787 | 802 | 832 | 880 | 940 | 1.900 |
| 40 | 250 | 460 | 520 | 750 | 900 | 42,500 | 87.500 | 132.410 | 376.290 |

In connection with children and ADHD in frequency therapy, please note that our recommendation for starting therapies is for small children from the age of 6!

Frequency devices with wristbands for contact transmission are preferable, as children never like to hold something in their hands for long.

 With regard to ADHD, we recommend the following frequency therapy devices in relation to the bracelets mentioned above:

Diamond Shield Zapper IE | Diamond Shield IE Crystal Zapper | Diamond Shield IE Professional



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