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BeckZapper - MiniZAP

miniZAP5The miniZAP® is an ingenious further development of the blood sapper according to Dr. Beck and can be worn comfortably on the wrist like a watch.

We tested the miniZAP® in our laboratory and were able to convince ourselves that it was strictly according to the specifications of Dr. Robert C. Beck has been developed. However, this zapper sets standards in terms of user-friendliness, flexibility and performance.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the Beck protocols will have found that a Beck Zapper can be used for two or more hours a day for up to six weeks. Here we see the enormous advantage of the miniZAP®, as it is light, handy and completely uncomplicated to be worn on the wrist, even during work.

If you now look at the technical data, then the word miniZAP® certainly does not refer to the performance of the device.

The current flow of the miniZAP®

The device, controlled by a microprocessor, generates an electrical output current of up to 1000 µA.
This means that the device has a much higher output power than is usually endured, the limit of what is bearable is around 400-600 µA, even with a low skin resistance.

Only 50-100µA are effectively required in the blood, but 200-400µA is sufficient to flow through the electrodes. If you look at Dr. Beck listens carefully, then he occasionally says that up to "several milliamperes" are necessary. But he contradicted himself here, because he also says that you should "never go over the pain threshold".

Thanks to the miniZAP®, the real flowing amperage can be determined for the first time in the blood sapper. It can be clearly shown that the pain threshold of over 90% of all long-term users is 400µA.

The power consumption is also worth mentioning, the battery of the device lasts over 100 hours at 400µA.

The next revolution is that the zapper is equipped with 100% real constant current regulation. A CCC (constant current control) means that the miniZAP® regulates its output voltage up or down proportionally to the change in skin resistance.

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