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Bartonella Hensela

Bartonella HenselaeBartonella henselae is a bacteriumwhich occurs in both humans and animals. Cats and dogs are the most common hosts for this bacterium. The bacterium can also be transmitted by fleas. The most common disease caused by Bartonella henselae is cat scratch disease. It can also cause other severe manifestations such as bacillary angiomatosis, hepatitis, and endocarditis.

  • Swelling near the bite or scratch
  • abdominal cramps in the upper abdomen
  • fever
  • Headache, fatigue, depression
  • Pain in the joints
  • Decreased appetite

Other bacteria from the genus Bartonella:

The genus Bartonella includes more than 22 types of bacteria. They are mainly transmitted by fleas or lice. Cats and dogs can become infected with these bacteria as a result. The bacteria are then transmitted to humans through a bite or scratch.

 The following frequencies can be found in the literature under the term Bartonella:

Bartonella Hensela: | 364 Hz | 379 Hz | 645 Hz | 654 Hz | 786 Hz | 840 Hz | 842 Hz | 844 Hz | 846 Hz | 848 Hz | 850 Hz | 857 Hz | 967 Hz | 6878 Hz | 634 Hz ​​| 696 Hz | 716 Hz | 1518 Hz |CAFL

Bartonella quintana: | 356 Hz | 547 Hz |CAFL

Bartonella Alsatica: | 236,32 Hz |XTRA

Bartonella Bacilliformis: | 745,4 | XTRA


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