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Myoma and Frequency Therapy

myomaWho we from one Fibroid In gynecology, one generally speaks of benign, hormone-sensitive tumors; by the way, the term myoma comes from the famous doctor Rudolf Virchow, who gave lectures on myomas as early as 1863.

In general, fibroids develop in the fertile phase of a woman's life, ie no fibroids occur in increasing form before puberty or after menopause.

The majority of women with a fibroid have no symptoms or complaints. Fibroids are found in around 12-25% of children of childbearing age.

Myomas degenerate into a malignant tumor in less than 0,1%.


Depending on the location of the fibroids, a distinction is made between the following types:
• Myomas that bulge towards the uterine cavity (so-called submucous myomas, type 0-3),
• Myomas within the uterine wall (called intramural myomas, type 3-6) and
• Myomas that protrude towards the abdomen (so-called subserous myomas, type 7).

Dr. Royal Raymond RifeThe following frequencies can be found in the literature under the term myoma:

Myoma: | 253 Hz | 420 Hz | 453 Hz | 832 Hz |

Myoma: | 127 Hz | 253 Hz | 420 Hz | 453 Hz | 689 Hz | 832 Hz |

Malignant fibroid: | 127 Hz | 253 Hz | 420 Hz | 453 Hz | 482 Hz | 689 Hz | 832 Hz |

uterine fibroid: | 253 Hz | 420 Hz | 453 Hz | 482 Hz | 689 Hz | 832 Hz |

 Diamond Shield ZapperFrequency chips for the Diamond Shield Zapper:

Biowave zapperFrequency chips for the Biowave Zapper:

Healy Frequency programs for the Healy:

Bio-drone Frequency programs for the Biotrohn Zapper:

  • Biotrohn - myoma
  • Biotrohn - Malinges myoma
  • Biotrohn - uterine myoma

 Super Ravo ZapperFrequency programs for the Super Ravo Zapper:

  • Super Ravo Zapper - Myoma
  • Super Ravo Zapper - Malinges Myoma
  • Super Ravo Zapper - Uterine Myoma

 Healing SoundsHealing Sounds:

  • Healing Sounds - Myoma


Friends of frequency therapyAssociation "Friends of frequency therapy":

For our Club members our house is open as always. we like to invite you to efficient possibilities.

Club members can take a regeneration week with us, especially with a myoma, Malingen myoma or uterine myoma.

If you are not yet a member, the membership fee for the first year is free of charge when you book the regeneration week in our house!

In particular we recommend:

  • Plasma generator Athon 5
  • Plasma generator RPZ 15
  • Lakhovksy multi-wave oscillator

The offers below only represent the prices (room and equipment rental) for club members, but without overnight accommodation.


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If you are looking for a place to stay, we recommend the following establishments:

Accommodation for therapies or for friends of frequency therapy in Lilienfeld

For the researchers in the field of frequency therapy, the frequencies of the myoma in combination with other frequency lists:


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