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What is microcurrent in frequency therapy

micro currents

General definition: Micro currents are voltages that are far below one volt

Our human thinking generally assumes that "more is better than less". In biology, however, this actually only applies to a very limited extent and in some cases reverses its effect.

For example, if you think of a hormone release in the human organism, it is tiny amounts that are vital, but too much can lead to catastrophe.

We owe the research into microcurrents to the naturopath AE Baklayan. In his bioenergetic tests he came to the realization that micro-currents (voltages below one volt) brought better results with the supporting programs, i.e. the "feel-good programs of harmonic oscillations".

Podcast microcurrent frequency therapy

This is how naturopath AE Baklayan started to work with voltages below one volt and was completely surprised that the effects were in some cases actually stronger than the usual 2,2 to 15 volts that are usually used by commercially available devices.

He then used these low tensions systematically and found that his patients also felt a much more intense effect than usual.

The Arndt-Schultz law (1835-1900) states that weak stimuli promote, inhibit strong and paralyze the strongest. The alternative practitioner AE Baklayan derived this and made the following thesis: "Weak stimulation increases physiological activity and very strong stimulation suppresses or destroys activity"


And with that, the naturopath AE Baklayan came to the same conclusion as we did:

  • In applications of electrical Clark and Rife- frequencies to combat parasites, virus, Mycoses and bacteria the maximum voltage always works best.
  • With regulation, healing tendencies and detoxification, however, the microcurrents were shown to have a great advantage.

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