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shutterstock 1345236890Electrooperation is a method that is often used in molecular biology. The aim is to make the cell membrane temporarily permeable (permeable) in order to do so DNA in prokaryotic Cells or inject eukaryotic cells.

This is done by an electric field, which is usually generated as a short pulse by the discharge current of a capacitor and permeabilizes the cells due to various effects.

If we now look at the treatment of blood with a low current treatment, then in principle we create exactly the same effect due to the current flow, ie the pores of the cell walls of the blood cells become more permeable for a short time for substances that are in the blood plasma swim.

Because of this permeability, toxic concentrations can occur inside the red blood cells.

Experienced therapists advise that electromedical treatment should only be carried out if the last food intake was at least 4 hours beforehand.

It is best to achieve this sober condition early in the morning, before taking any orthomolecular or medical substances.

A medication taken shortly before or during treatment could suddenly cause toxic symptoms such as nausea or vomiting.

Since the cell walls return to their original state very quickly after the treatment and are therefore no longer permeable, the patient can safely take substances again just half an hour after the treatment.

In this context, be warned before taking garlic in electrotherapy.

There is a substance in garlic called sulfone hydroxyl. This substance crosses the blood-brain barrier and, due to its toxicity, poisons brain cells.

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Herbert Eder

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