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Herxheimer reaction

shutterstock 773308924Under the Herxheimer reaction one understands a reaction of the body to bacterial toxins lasting up to several days (endotoxins), which arise from the therapy-related decay of a large number of pathogens and lead to the release of inflammatory messengers.

The name goes to the dermatologist Karl Herxheimer (1861-1942) back.
Symptoms were first observed about 50 years ago in the treatment of syphilis, which was then treated with high doses of penicillin.

In relation to electrotherapy, this effect also occurs if the intensity of the therapy is not in line with the patient's current detoxification ability.

Under no circumstances should the Herxheimer effect be provoked, according to the motto: "Initial worsening, therapy works!"

Especially in patients with chronic diseases or in patients with a disturbed or weakened immune system, the respective therapy should be started gently. Initially short therapy duration that can be increased slowly.

In all of electromedicine, which is concerned with damaging pathogens, the patient must generally be supported so that the body can remove the toxins due to the bacterial lysis (dissolving of the Cells) can leave the body.

How you can help the body get rid of the toxins it produces can be found in my handbook "virus, bacteria, Mushrooms in the frequency therapy“Read.

The interaction between the electromedical application without any Herxheimer reaction is quite possible and much more pleasant for the patient concerned than periodically severe discomfort due to bacterial lysis!

As I said, the duration and intensity of treatment should be temporarily reduced or even suspended if lysis occurs.

The interplay between immune status and the associated excretion capacities and electromedical applications must always be taken into account.

The goal of a sensible electromedical application should be to avoid Herxheimer reactions altogether and to achieve noticeable therapeutic progress over time.

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