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Anti-infective electromedicine

shutterstock 1495828907The human organism is of a multitude microorganisms inhabited. If we imagine that ninety percent of those prevailing in the human body Cells are not of human origin, our human body consists of about 10 trillion cells, and only about 100 trillion only in the lower intestinal tract bacteria or unicellular plant organisms exist, then we have a rough idea of ​​what is happening in our body every day.

The microorganisms located in the intestinal tract are usually effective microorganisms that the body can hardly do without.

However, our body is also attacked daily virus and exposed to bacteria that aim to weaken or damage the human organism.

Around anti-infective We distinguish between three different electromedical methods to combat these pathogens:

Induction process

The current induction process tries to influence a relatively small area of ​​the body, usually the blood flowing past.

The voltage used should be so strong that it can almost be described as allopathic, but the body's own signals should not be overlaid.

The one induced in the blood current flow aims to membrane potentials the pathogen in blood plasma to depolarize. In the course of this depolarization, the outer protein layer is rendered unusable, which subsequently prevents the pathogens from docking onto organismic cells.

The current flow also affects the red blood cells. These, however, survive the effects of current well, since they are much more robust from an electrophysiological point of view.

The current induction method can be found in practical use in the area of ​​the Beck blood zapper by Dr. Robert Beck, Dr. However, Beck himself built his knowledge and theory of blood electrification on U.S. Patent 5,188,738 to Dr. Kaali from 1993.

The Beck generator from our online shop works according to this principle.

frequency method

In the frequency method, the current flow is conducted through a larger area of ​​the body, either via hand or foot electrodes. This process relies on an intensive interaction between biological (cell membranes, cell communication, etc.) and the technically induced electrical fields.

Since the entire organism is exposed to a diffused voltage, this affects all bioelectric life processes.

The general is caused by the general electromagnetic field permeability of the membrane channels of all cells is significantly increased, which leads to increased permeability and associated increased metabolic rate.

All approaches belong to the principle of the frequency method Nicola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife and Hulda Clark

According to the resonance principle, the parasite's own frequency is used therapeutically in order to destroy the respective pathogen type. However, this presupposes that the exact frequency can also be determined and can consequently also be guided into the body in an exact setting by the frequency therapy device.

If the exact frequency cannot be determined or the procedure appears to be too complex, the frequency therapy method can also use frequency 33 kHz which, according to research, causes difficulties for most parasites.

It should be considered in the frequency method that the current conducted into the body does not always arrive where it is supposed to work. In such cases (eg viscera, bones, etc.), the frequency procedure must be carried out using plasma therapy devices.

Induction of strong magnetic impulses

A so-called magnetic pulsar is used to induce strong magnetic impulses.

As the magnetic impulse penetrates the body, electrical vortex fields are created which, analogous to the low current induced in the bloodstream, are sufficient to devitalize microorganisms.

This form of anti-infective electromedicine is also used by Dr. Robert Beck is recommended in addition to the Beck blood apper, since pathogens can also settle outside the bloodstream and therefore cannot be reached with the blood apper alone.

An example of this:
There are forms of germs in the lymph nodes that only later enter the bloodstream. The blood zapper would not reach this at the current time. By treatment with magnetic impulses, these forms of germs are devitalized beforehand, ie in the lymph nodes, and disposed of as "protein waste".

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