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Schumann frequency 7,83 Hz

The Schumann frequency in the frequency therapy

Ischuhmann resonance webIn this article we deal with the so-called Schumann resonance.

The contribution includes:

  • Explanation of the Schumann response
    • History of the Schumann Frequency
    • Definition of the ionosphere
    • Definition of the Schumann resonance
    • Schumann resonance in frequencies
  • Scientific tests on the impact on human health
    • Max Planck Institute
    • NASA
    • DNA E
  • Schumann Frequency and Frequency Therapy


Explanation of the Schumann response

History of the Schumann frequency

Winfried Otto SchumannIn 1893 George FitzGerald discovered that the atmosphere would be a good conductor of electricity. At that time he was only able to measure due to the known layers of the atmosphere and thus came to an electromagnetic vibration of approx. 0,1 seconds.

He essentially discovered the lowest mode of the Schumann resonance.

It was not until 1902 that the ionosphere was actually believed to exist and it was not until 1925 that it was experimentally proven.

Although the mathematical set of rules for dealing with spherical waveguides has been developed by GN Watson since 1918, the theoretical aspects of global resonance were not examined in detail before Otto Schumann's work 1952-1954.

Definition of the ionosphere

When we speak of the ionosphere, we mean a region in the earth's atmosphere that begins about 50-100 kilometers above the earth's surface and extends several hundred kilometers up into space.

The solar radiation releases individual electrons from the otherwise neutral gas atoms and creates positively charged ions. This gives the ionosphere its name, makes it conductive and thus the ionosphere is able to capture electromagnetic waves.

Between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere is the cavity, which has an electrical charge of 500K coulombs. The current is distributed vertically in the cavity, i.e. between the soil and the ionosphere. This cavity, i.e. atmosphere, has a resistance of 200 ohms and a voltage potential of 200.000 volts.

Definition of the Schumann resonance

There is great electrical activity between the earth's surface and the ionosphere. As mentioned above, some of these are standing current waves. These waves are called Schumann resonances.

Each lightning strike that strikes the ionosphere from space, approximately 50 flashes per second, generates electromagnetic waves that begin to orbit the earth in the cavity between the earth's surface and the ionosphere. Some waves, if they have exactly the right wavelength, combine and amplify to a Schumann resonance.

Schuhmann frequency

 The "sweet spot", ie the optimum, for the generation of this resonance is when the wave is as long or longer as the circumference of the earth. This is an extremely low frequency wave that is up to a hundred thousand times lower than the radio waves. Science suspects that the waves are related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere.

Schumann resonance

As can be seen in the graphic above, the electromagnetic resonance frequency is 7,83 Hz.

This means that our atmosphere continuously with a high frequency of 7,83 Hz and weaker harmonics at 14,3 Hz | 20,8 Hz | 27,3 Hz | 33,8 Hz resonated.

 Schumann experiments

Professor R. Wever from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Erling-Andechs

Ruetger WeverStudies by E. Jacobi at the University of Düsseldorf showed that the lack of Schumann waves leads to mental and physical health problems in the human body.

Professor R. Wever from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology a study began in Erling-Andechs, in which he built an underground bunker that completely shielded magnetic fields.

Then he got volunteer students and let them live in the bunker for four weeks, where they were hermetically sealed in this area.

During the four weeks, Professor Wever noted that the circadian rhythms (the circadian rhythm is the ability of an organism to synchronize physiological processes for a period of about 24 hours.

The main circadian rhythm is the sleep-wake rhythm.) Of the students differ from each other and that they had emotional difficulties and migraine headaches.

Considering the fact that they were young and healthy, no serious health problems were identified - which would probably not have been the case in the elderly or people with weakened immune systems.

The Schumann frequency was then returned to the environment and the results were astonishing.

Brief exposure at 7,83 Hz (the frequency that he had shielded) and the health of the volunteers stabilized.

This showed a direct connection between man and his connection with the pulse of the earth.

NASA experiments

NASA WebScientific connections between frequencies and health, experiments and scientific studies prove the coherence between this frequency and humans.

Science has already shown that individual organs vibrate at this frequency.

Neurobiological studies show that the resonance frequency of the hippocampus is 7,83Hz. NASA was interested in the "heartbeat" of the earth from an early age.

Professor Persinger and other well-known professors, such as Dr. Ludwig, explained and viewed this frequency as a "biological norm".

Astronauts who left the ionosphere and re-entered the earth suffered from severe physiological conflicts. Persinger recognized the problem and fixed it.

He designed small 7,83 Hz (Schumann resonance) generators that astronauts could take with them and protect.

As for the effects of the Earth's magnetic field on the brain, Caltech's scientific studies show that the human brain has magnetic crystals.

Magnetite Fe3O4 absorption follows the law of "classical physics of the resonance adaptation process of frequency".

Electromagnetic signals in the brain or in the brain waves are supported by biochemical systems.

The Schumann resonance affects the melatonin / serotonin balance, which can lead to several diseases such as cancer, heart problems, etc.

In addition to Schumann excitation, solar activity and geomagnetic activity (GMA) also interact with the brain.

Scientific connections between frequencies and health are known.

In the meantime, experiments and scientific studies have shown the connection between this frequency and humans.

DNA experiment

DNA WebElectromagnetic signals in the brain or in the brain waves are supported by biochemical systems.

The Schumann resonance affects the melatonin / serotonin balance, which can lead to several diseases such as cancer, heart problems, etc.

In addition to Schumann excitation, solar activity and geomagnetic activity (GMA) also interact with the brain.

This was later confirmed in 2011 by Luke Montanye, who came across a discovery while researching water memory.

Let us take the statement: "All living things must come from life".

It was always believed that life came from material forms such as egg cells and sperm or spore and cell division.

Montanye showed that DNA sequences communicate with one another via frequency. Montanye showed that frequency communication is so advanced that it is able to organize nucleotides that are part of DNA so that they can form brand new DNA.

Earlier studies showed this, but Montanye changed the existing scientific studies.

He removed all of the DNA from the water and stimulated it with the Schumann frequency of 7,83 Hz. During the stimulation, the DNA in the test tubes produced new DNA helixes. If the frequency was not present, no new DNA was formed.

That is why we have a connection between Schumann resonance and the creation of life.

Schumann resonance and frequency therapy

As already described in detail in the chapter above, the frequency of 7,83 Hz is essential for all living things.

Anyone who has a zapper at home can set this frequency themselves and get it back into the right vibration, so that the frequency spectrum is covered by their device.

If you want to create a perfect relaxation program from it, you should consider whether you should not add more frequencies. You can always access a pre-made program from the respective manufacturer.

Brainwaves - brain waves:

  • Delta from 0.1Hz to 4hz
  • Theta from 4Hz to 7Hz
  • Alpha from 7Hz to 12Hz
  • Beta from 13Hz to 30Hz
  • Gamma from 30Hz to 100Hz (normal around 40Hz)

Anyone who has not yet dealt with the brain waves can be curious, because a blog post from us will follow shortly.

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