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Amps (current intensity) and frequency therapy

shutterstock 1051769399If electrical charge carriers move, this is referred to as electrical current. The charge carriers can be ions in a liquid or a gas or electrons that move freely in metals.

Even in a vacuum, electrons or ions can move, creating an electric current.

In practice and in theory, three different current directions can be distinguished:

  • The technical current direction was determined from the positive pole to the negative pole. When this determination was made, nothing was known about the movement of the free electrons.
  • The direction of electron flow is from the negative pole to the positive pole, i.e. opposite to the technical current direction.
  • The direction of ion flow depends on the charge of the ions, cations flow to the cathode, anions to the anode.

The current strength is higher, the more free electrons flow through the cross-section of the conductor per second.

The electrical current is abbreviated with "i" for calculations, the unit is ampere for short "A".

The current can be calculated by dividing the power by the voltage, that is:
Ampere = watt / volt

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Herbert Eder

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