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Electric eels and frequency therapy

shutterstock 185284526The origins of electromedicine, whose the frequency therapy belongs to the ancient Egyptians.

They used the electricity of the electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) to treat pain, as a so-called “analgesic”, and achieved amazing results.

According to tradition, it was set in 2.750 BC. Chr patients suffer from electric shocks from the electric eels.

The patients had to stand with their bare feet on the fixed electric eel, which was in a stressed or defensive posture and thus produced a current of high strength.

Electric shocks now flowed permanently through the patient's extremities over the bare feet. The application was continued until the legs became numb and the pain sensation subsided.

When the Romans entered the Egyptian empire in 31 BC. conquered, the medicine of the Egyptians came into the possession of the Romans.

The Roman doctor Seribonius Largus was the first to describe the electro-therapeutic measures through electric eels in 46 AD.

The Romans used electromedicine mainly for headaches and gout. This method was subsequently refined and can be found in historical sources as a successful pain therapy in Roman medicine.

Unfortunately, this form of electrotherapy was lost for many centuries in the turmoil of the Middle Ages.

It was only in 1747 that an Italian professor succeeded in building on the electro-medical healing success of the Romans.

The latter put a metal bracket on a blacksmith's paralyzed arm and thereby sent the electric shock from the electric eel into the patient's arm. According to reports, the paralyzed arm of the blacksmith was only partially functional again after some therapy.

On the basis of a travel description from 1761, the Indian ray was also used as a treatment method for the symptoms of paralysis in South America.

Electric eels have electrical organs, with the weak electrical fields of which the animals orient themselves and communicate with one another, but with which they can also emit strong electrical impacts with voltages of up to 500 volts.

Most of the body surface of the electric eel is occupied by electrical organs. Actually, it is transformed muscles that can release these high tensions.

Each organ consists of a large number of electricity-generating elements, each of which generates only a small amount of voltage.

In a electric eel, the approximately 5.000 to 6.000 electrocytes together can generate a voltage of up to 500 volts with a current of 0,83 amperes and thus an output of 415 watts.

So - to put it simply - the body of the fish is like one accumulator.

Acids form in the muscles, the platelets of which are overlaid a thousand times. They transport electrons from muscle to muscle. This creates a current that charges the muscle accumulator.

For this type of electrical energy, the term "bioelectricity" embossed.

This article is the first article in a new series on the “History of Frequency Therapy”.

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