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Hunter 4025 education and training

hunter 4025The Hunter 4025 is a cost-effective alternative to the Metron or Oberon device brands.

At the time, the inventor of the NLS systems, Prof. Vladimir Nesterov, developed NLS devices in OMSK (Russia) and sold them with the product name Oberon 1995 from 5004.

In 1996 the devices were then sold under the Metatron product name with the "Nutrisoft Emerald" software. The associated software was replaced in 2006, and new software with the name "Metapathia GR Hunter" now became an integral part of the NLS device software.

Vladimir Nesterov decided to license China in 2014. That was when the Hunter 4025 NLS was born.

The devices are available today from China for around 1.500 euros.

The advantage for the user is the cost-effective price compared to the Metatron and Oberon devices, the serious disadvantage is the lack of documentation of the software and the resulting lack of training opportunities, so that users can generally not use the device to the extent that it actually is would be present.

Incorrect or incorrect translations lead to restrictions in operation or incorrect handling.

We are now closing the gap and are offering users of Hunter 4025 extensive training opportunities.

Content of the workshop Hunter 4025 NLS


Part 1: Introduction and Analysis Level 1:

  • History and mode of operation of NLS models
  • Administrator mode and its settings
  • Record and process master data
  • Examination of the object
  • Analysis of the object
    • Entropy symbols
    • The curve display
    • N spin and S spin
    • contours
  • Analysis mode level 1
    • META correction
    • Vegetotest
    • Reprinter
    • Metasode representative
    • Stove detailed
    • Locate
    • Remove localization
    • Black and white picture
    • Etalon test
    • comparative analysis
    • influence results
    • Spectrum
    • Show Ultrastructure Herd
    • pictograms
    • structure Description
    • function Description


Part 2: Analysis level 2 (expert mode)

  • Analysis mode level 2 (expert mode)
    • Smart Filter
    • Virtual process model
    • Entropy analysis
    • NLS analysis
    • Biochemical homeostasis
    • Pathomorphology
    • Homöopathie
    • Express forecast
    • Prognosis
    • Epicrise
    • Etalon object
    • Elimination
    • Reprinter
    • Vegetotest
    • Bacterial examination
    • Lithotherapy

Workshop with max. 10 participants in our house for € 95, - / person

Workshop title: Hunter 4025 NLS
Number of hours: 5h
10:00 a.m. - 13:00 p.m., part 2: 14:00 p.m. - 16:00 p.m.
Cost: € 95, - including seminar documents and VAT

The workshop price also includes:

  • Lifelong access to the associated webinars including updates
  • Training documents for the associated seminars including updates

Appointments: currently not available

Individual training in our house for € 90, - / hour

The workshop price also includes:

  • Lifelong access to the associated webinars including updates
  • Training documents for the associated seminars including updates


The training is held individually for you and your needs, also with current case studies that you bring with you.

If you are interested in one-to-one training, please make an appointment to:
+43 2762 52481 XNUMX XNUMX

Our bestsellerOnline webinars on the subject
Hunter 4025 NLS for € 250

Our bestseller is the Hunter 4025 online webinar with lifetime access:

Your advantages through the webinar:

  • You can still get in today and view the content including updates indefinitely
  • In total over 5 hours of working material including video instructions and explanations for each function of the Hunter 4025
  • Knowledge is checked and deepened using quiz questions

The content of the webinars on Hunter 4025 NLS coincides with the content of the Hunter 4025 workshop.

Cost: € 95, - including seminar documents and VAT

Get access to this unique webinar today:
Webinar with lifetime access via the Hunter 4025

 We are the official training and further education partner of Singularity Co. Ltd. China



 If you do not want to import the Hunter 4025 from China, you can also conveniently order it from our webshop


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