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The bizarre quantum

Category: quantum physics one month ago

The bizarre quantum. Extension Curriculum - Case Studies on Quantum Theory.

Recording of an event by the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna on Monday, November 18, 2019 in the lecture hall of the Isotope Physics Research Group (VERA)

Part 1: opening

  1. Opening credits 00:00:00
  2. Administrative 00:00:05
  3. Objective of the lecture 00:02:23
  4. Overview 00:04:41


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  • AW: The Bizarre Quantum

    from » one month ago

    Part 2. Wave-particle dualism

    1. Opening credits 00:00:00
    2. Double slit experiments 00:00:05
    3. Video feed: "Interference and diffraction" 00:07:00
    4. Matter waves 00:11:25
    5. Try 00:19:13
    6. summary 00:27:51
    7. Audience questions 00:42:20


  • AW: The Bizarre Quantum

    from » one month ago

    Part 3. Schrödinger's cat

    1. Opening credits 00:00:00
    2. Superposition of quantum states 00:00:05
    3. Video feed: "Schrödinger's cat in a box" 00:04:04
    4. Laboratory experiments with photons 00:05:21
    5. Video feed: "How do we see light?" 00:16:30


  • AW: The Bizarre Quantum

    from » one month ago

    Part 4. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle

    1. Opening credits 00:00:00
    2. Technical and fundamental fuzziness 00:00:05
    3. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle 00:03:56
    4. Video feed: Walter Levin on Heisenberg 00:09:58
    5. Audience questions 00:12:33


  • AW: The Bizarre Quantum

    from » one month ago

    Part 5. Schrödinger equation

    1. Opening credits 00:00:00
    2. Wave equation as a mathematical description 00:00:05
    3. Wave function ψ 00:05:58
    4. Questions from the audience I 00:10:54
    5. Experiments: matter waves. Interferometer 00:20:19
    6. Public questions II 00:30:56


  • AW: The Bizarre Quantum

    from » one month ago

    Part 6. Quantum Entanglement

    1. Opening credits 00:00:00
    2. Spin. Stern-Gerlach experiment 00:00:05
    3. Pauline exclusion principle 00:12:00
    4. Einstein-Podolski-Rosen paradox 00:20:43
    5. Are Quantum Mechanics Complete? 00:32:25
    6. Bell's theorem 00:47:21
    7. Bell's inequality 00:55:55
    8. Entangled photons


  • AW: The Bizarre Quantum

    from » one month ago

    Part 7. Constituents of Matter

    1. Opening credits 00:00:00
    2. Standard model of elementary particle physics 00:00:05
    3. Particles and Interactions 00:14:01
    4. Quarks and color charges 00:20:22
    5. Higgs field 00:24:14
    6. Video feed: ...


  • AW: The Bizarre Quantum

    from » one month ago

    Thank you very much. My head is smoking now, but some things have become a little clearer again.

  • AW: The Bizarre Quantum

    from » 5 weeks ago

    This is a good talk to understand Qutente theoy as far as possible. What builds on it? Which possibilities are already known today or could one infer from them?

    What does it mean for people and for living together?

    maybe there is further knowledge! It would be nice if it was known 

    would be done! Asks the one from Oyten


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