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Etalon test

Category: Meta Hunter NLS 4 months ago

What does OPTIMAL DISTRIBUTION mean and its coefficient?

I couldn't find an explanation in the webinar.


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  • AW: Etalon test

    from » 4 months ago

    Hello Mister. Raad,

    thank you for your contribution.

    The reason this is not mentioned in the webinar is simply that there is no coherent explanation for it.

    There was probably earlier, from Russian times, once a use for scientific considerations of the results of measurements.

    Also a good comment from a German colleague of mine:

    It is a statistical value that probably arises from the comparison of the measurement result and the zygote (optimum).

    The fertilized single cell as the starting material for all others Cells is to be understood. However, all of the differentiated cells show clearly different characteristics in the NLS system. In this respect, a comparison is not really helpful in assessing changes in these cells.

    The relationship to the pattern of the zygote, which looks similar to a normal distribution, can be seen by looking more closely at the Cell nucleus trace down to the molecular structure. The value of the optimal distribution becomes smaller and smaller (nucleus, chromosome set, chromosome, chromosome segment, molecule segment).

    But be careful! The curve patterns remain the same to very similar to those of the fabric or one Zelle. It simply reflects the results from this level. Either because there are no other representable ones, or because another base is used in the background. Probably even IPP no longer brings together what is really used and evaluated there.

    It only becomes noticeable when structures within a cell are viewed and evaluated. Up to the present day there is only one comparative sample (etalon) of these structures. There are also only a few samples of cells (heart muscle cells, fibroplast, ...) to specifically compare something (and in principle also to measure it). In the Hunter systems (also in the original from IPP) there is a better evaluation of the measurement results via the more advanced methods of the algorithms (three-stage instead of two-stage). The technology allows a higher resolution of the measurement signal and the trigger stimulus.

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