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I have the programs Bioplasm and Metahunter or Metapathia Hunter, but now I had to find out that the results of the two programs differ extremely from each other, namely that the same organs in Metahunter with the entropy symbols values ​​from 2 to 3 and with Biophilia ever higher values from 3 to 6 display.What should I think of that? I find that very irritating because the values ​​at Biophilia are very frightening. ????

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  • AW: Test deviations Bioplasm MetaHunter program

    from » 2 weeks ago

    The clear differences are due to the question about the "so-called entropy symbols". However, these are always easy to manipulate and can change in seconds. You are a value for regulation. These results can be changed immediately by the smallest of influences (nice word, bad word, warm air, cold draft, a cup of hot tea, a glass of schnapps, ...). In this respect, there are no bases for judging an organic or physical change. Only the region to which the symbol is assigned shows how well it can regulate a stimulus.
    If there are significant changes, this can only be clarified by comparing the "curve graphic". Simply select a suitable etalon from the organ frequency or organ preparation group and compare. Possibly another sample from the pathology group. In the Hunter / MetaHunter software, a larger-format image of the "curve graphic" can be switched on and viewed via the "Spectrum" setting. Numerical values ​​are then also displayed in table form. You can now read about it much better and evaluate it yourself (this of course also requires a little practice or experience)

    In most cases it can then be determined that a distinct pathological condition is recognized with different NLS systems. The details and absolute values ​​can vary. But that is usually less of a concern. But whether there is a definite hip osteoarthritis or a gastric ulcer is generally recognizable with all systems. The absolute values ​​and entropy symbols can differ significantly and are not a suitable basis for comparison.

    And that is also the case with measurements: errors can also occur in a measurement that are not related to the measured object. It doesn't happen often, however. Absolute measurement errors can be clarified by simply asking about possible symptoms (which are in context with the result). If there are absolutely no noticeable symptoms in the measured object, the measurement result is probably incorrect.

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