miniZAP blood electrifier

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miniZAP® - the world's smallest and most modern blood electrifier according to Dr. RC Beck

The miniZAP® is worn on the wrist like a wristwatch and sets new standards worldwide in terms of user-friendliness, flexibility, user information and performance. The miniZAP® was developed strictly according to the specifications of Dr. Robert C. Beck, the inventor of the so-called blood sapper (Beck Zapper). The microprocessor-controlled miniZAP® generates an electrical output current of up to 1000 µA, which means that far more than the critical 50-100 µA of electrifying current flows into the arteries of the wrist. Specially designed gold electrodes and a special electrode gel to increase the skin's conductivity ensure effective energy transfer with minimal losses in the surrounding tissue. The small dimensions and the exceptionally low weight of only 23 g are achieved through the use of the latest microelectronics. The miniZAP® is completely manufactured in Germany. The hardware and software development was done by Mikas Electronics Developments. It is extremely robust and reliable and has a two-year guarantee.


A zapper (especially the Beck-Zapper or Blood-Zapper) energizes the body by means of weak alternating currents through the skin and strengthens its performance and regeneration capacity on the bioelectrical level. Users report spontaneous increases in energy and general well-being. The application is completely harmless and can be carried out by anyone without hesitation. Sustainable results can be seen after a few days or weeks.


A Beck Zapper is used for up to six weeks at a time, for two or more hours a day. It is therefore essential that weight and size are minimized and the “device intelligence” optimized so that the zapper can be worn inconspicuously in any situation without hesitation (unless you are specifically asked to explain the “little wonder” ;-). The miniZAP® is the world's first Beck Zapper that is operated with a standard 3V button cell. Don't be fooled by the word “mini”, however - its maximum output current of 1000 µA is much higher than you can usually endure (400-600 µA is the limit of what is bearable, even with low skin resistance). Due to its complex circuit technology, its operating costs are extremely low (the miniZAP® LCD battery lasts over 100 hours at 400 µA output current). The miniZAP® is the only zapper with 100% real constant current control.

The LCD display is also a world first for a Beck Zapper. The precise control of current, voltage, time and operating signals ensures uncomplicated and very reliable operation during the six-week application. See also the questions and answers, as well as our comparative study with nine known Beck zappers.


miniZAP® - Technical information

  • Ultra compact dimensions - The miniZAP® wears like a wristwatch, without the “tangled cables”, light as a feather (23 g), comfortable and inconspicuous. This means it can be used anytime and anywhere. Especially with the Beck Zapper, which is used for hours or weeks, this is the most important advantage.
  • High performance - up to 1000 µA peak current (600 µA are already unbearable). The maximum voltage of the miniZAP® is 35 V, more than all other devices.
  • Constant current regulation - Constant Current Control (CCC): The miniZAP® is the first zapper in the world to always regulate the current to the set level, regardless of any change in skin resistance (see below). This also prevents ion migration, but only in combination with real alternating voltage.
  • Intelligent error handling - (Intelligent Error Management / IEM): The miniZAP® tolerates temporary malfunctions (idle, short circuit, overload, low batt, etc.) during treatment, but switches off in the event of prolonged or recurring malfunctions to save battery.
  • LCD Display, as well as optical and acoustic signal codes - the miniZAP® is the only zapper that also reports faults acoustically with individual codes. Listening to a specific error message avoids absenteeism and ensures quick troubleshooting if malfunctions occur. This increases the application security.
  • Lowest operating costs - Intelligent Battery Management (IBM): The electronics of the miniZAP® are designed for maximum battery utilization and power saving. A flat battery is only reported when approx. 96% of its capacity has been used. At 400 µA continuous current, the miniZAP® lasts 3 months with a single commercially available 2032V CR 225 button cell (1,9 mAh). This is many times longer than other Beckzapper with one or more 9V blocks and 400 mAh each.
  • High quality workmanship - The miniZAP® is a top product of German engineering. The “Kraft-Egg” is manufactured according to industrial standards (automatic SMD assembly) and undergoes strict quality control.
  • Future-proof thanks to software updates - Changes to the device functions can be implemented by the manufacturer by reprogramming the microprocessor. In this way, the miniZAP® always stays up to date with the latest zapper research.
  • 100% alternating current - the miniZAP® has 100% pure alternating voltage, in contrast to some devices that emit square-wave pulses but generate a very high proportion of direct voltage (up to 100%). DC voltage generates electrolysis (ion migration) in the body and should therefore be avoided.
  • Gold electrodes - A zapper is only as good as its electrodes! With regard to the overall performance of a zapper, electrodes are at least as important as electronics. They should be corrosion-resistant, skin-friendly and above all meet the strict criteria of Dr. Beck match. No expense was spared for the special electrodes of the miniZAP® with 24 carats in order to optimally meet these high requirements.


Further features of the miniZAP®

  • Current frequency with quartz accuracy (3,920 Hz according to Dr. RC Beck).
  • Digitally adjustable output current in the range 60 to 1000µA in steps of 10 µA each (10 µA = 0,010 mA).
  • Soft start (slow current increase, avoids stress reaction of the body).
  • Overload and short circuit protection.
  • "Low Batt" signal.
  • Scratch-resistant housing color
  • Delivered in a robust, compact plastic case.


  • 1 Velcro strap,
  • 2 gold electrodes,
  • 1 miniZAP® incl. 3V CR 2032 lithium battery,
  • 1 electrode cable,
  • 1 transportable tube of electrode gel 50 g,
  • 1 detailed instruction,
  • 1 robust plastic case,
  • 1 Velcro strip for cutting off replacement Velcro stickers for the gold electrodes

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