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  • 1 piece of PrimerCube
  • 1 piece USB charging cable
  • 1 piece USB charging adapter
  • 1 piece of instructions for use

How does the PrimerCube work:

The PrimerCube is equipped with a patented magnetic rotating element. The research has shown that this magnetic rotating arrangement creates a unique structured ion field.


The result makes you sit up and take notice!

Significant health benefits manifest themselves not only on the body surface, but throughout the body, right down to the intracellular level.
The positive effects on health and vitality are achieved by applying small electrical charges to the cells in the body through the ion field.

In recent years, the PrimerCube has been tested for its positive effect on various diseases. Further down in the article is the research on the effects of bio-electricity in the body.

This study was carried out by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

Simple and flexible to use:

When developing the device, great importance was attached to the ease of use of the system.

You turn on the device and align it with the person's body.

Ideally, the PrimerCube should be placed about 30 cm from the body.
The maximum radius of the PrimerCube is one meter.

The PrimerCube runs for ten hours between charges and is virtually silent, so it can be used in the office, in the car, while watching TV, reading a book, sleeping, working on the computer, exercising, etc.

The unique ion field of the PrimerCube completely penetrates non-metallic materials.

This ability means they can wear normal clothing during treatment.
Please make sure that there are no metallic materials, or avoid large metallic pieces of jewelry during the treatment.

The PrimerCube can also be used at night, and neither covers nor heavy blankets impede the success of the treatment.

The PrimerCube can be used flexibly at work, leisure or even when you are sleeping.

Bioelectricity Research:

Researchers in Scotland have achieved incredible results in laboratory experiments by inducing the flow of small electrical currents both in vitro and in vivo.

The results of this series of studies are consistent with those found by researchers working with PrimerCube technology.

This research in Scotland supports the theory that the success seen with PrimerCube technology is, in fact, due to the flow of small electrical currents resulting from the charges placed on cells in the body.

Below are three papers on this groundbreaking research that took place at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. If you click on one of the pictures, the respective work will be opened in a new window.

electrical dimension in cell science direct current cell behavior
Journal of Cell Science Journal Nature American Physiological Society

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