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Vivobase Mobile green

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Features XNUMX

Protection against electrosmog and cell phone radiation when on the move

  • Use on the body and in the office
  • Approx. 1,5 m effective radius
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • available in different colors
  • Size approx. 71x18x7 mm, weight 30 g


Regardless of whether we go shopping, go out with friends or just sit in a café - we are exposed to artificial electromagnetic radiation from various sources in all of these places. Cell phone radiation, WLAN radiation, Bluetooth, to name just a few, affect our body throughout the day. In order to guarantee seamless accessibility, more and more cell phone masts are being built. The exposure to electrosmog is increasing.

It becomes clear that the increasing exposure to unnatural electrosmog can have negative effects when one knows that the life of humans, animals and plants is controlled by natural electromagnetic fields. While electrosensitive people react particularly to the rapidly increasing exposure, more and more people are concerned about harmful effects and feel uncomfortable.

By activating a natural protective shield, VIVOBASE MOBILE offers protection against electrosmog when you are out and about at any location. The effectiveness of Vivobase has been proven in scientific studies.

The VIVOBASE MOBILE is easy to use and can be carried comfortably in your pocket or handbag. It has a lithium-ion battery and can be charged via a mini-USB interface. Depending on your preference, you can get it in pink, yellow, gray, black, blue and green.

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