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Features XNUMX

Protection against electrosmog for your animals

  • Use in horse and farm animal stalls
  • Approx. 40 m effective radius through walls and ceilings
  • Splash-proof surface mounting
  • Size approx. 120 × 89 mm, weight 300 g


The advancing mechanization in and on the stable, such as electronically controlled horse walkers, milking robots and automatic feeding machines, increase the exposure to electrosmog for humans and animals. Animals in zoos and zoological gardens are heavily polluted due to their mostly central location in large cities.

Even if research on the effects of electrosmog on animals is still in its infancy, we are of the opinion that the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the biological processes of animals is comparable to the effect on humans. VIVOBASE ANIMAL protects the body of humans and animals from electrosmog by activating a natural protective shield, without having to forego the advantages of modern technology. In addition, the body is protected from electromagnetic radiation that is generated outside the stable and the riding facility, such as from cell phone masts.

The effectiveness of the VIVOBASE devices HOME, CAR, MOBILE and CORPORATE has been proven in scientific studies. Since the VIVOBASE ANIMAL is based on the same technology, we are of the opinion that the effectiveness proven in the studies can also be fully transferred to the VIVOBASE ANIMAL.

The VIVOBASE ANIMAL is available as a theft-proof and splash-proof surface-mounted device.

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