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Metabolism analysis

The CRS® analysis system is the first device in the world to offer a non-invasive screening method for recording the regulation of cellular metabolism.

On the basis of an individual evaluation, health problems can be identified and potential deficiencies in vital micronutrients can be revealed.

The CRS®-med system provides the following statements:


  • Protection against acidification
  • immune defense
  • Metabolism regulation
  • training condition
  • Protection against oxidative stress
  • mental resilience
  • Protection against infectious processes
  • Connective tissue
  • Regulation of inflammatory processes
  • allergic activation
  • Cell regeneration processes
  • Cell degradation processes
  • Overall performance (physical and mental performance)
  • Micronutrient needs

In addition, the CRS®-med system evaluates 14 indicators:

crs indik

  • cell division activity
  • Metabolic intensity
  • Activity of biosyntheses
  • Regulation of immune functions
  • Regulation of inflammatory functions
  • energy Expenditure
  • Energy consumption for cell division activity
  • Regulated and unregulated cell regeneration
  • Inflammatory regulated cell regeneration processes
  • Risk of damage to health
  • Risk of activated tissue regeneration
  • Complex metabolic characteristics
  • Redox equivalent
  • Mental stability


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Differentiation to conventional medicine

All diagnosis and treatment methods presented here are the content of the naturopathic experience medicine and the methods from the research results of modern quantum physics, based on a number of Nobel Prize winners since about 1900. (Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, Nils Bohr, etc.) These are not among the generally accepted methods in the sense of recognition by the scientific conventional medicine, based on the classical physics since Isaac Newton (1642-1727). All statements made and findings on modes of action and indications of the presented methods are based on the current findings and empirical values ​​of the respective therapeutic directions themselves.
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