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Frequency therapy with us

Health is more than alleviating physical or psychological complaints.
Health starts within ourselves and every human being has its own responsibility!

Our universe, our nature and our body consist of vibrations, i.e. frequencies, every single atom in us. The animate and the inanimate nature consists of vibrations.

We have been with us for 20 years frequency therapy certified and further developed.


Do you feel weak and not efficient?
Do you miss success and recognition at work?
Do you miss love and harmony in the partnership?

Do you have a weak immune system?
Do you have chronic pain?
Do you suffer from chronic diseases?


-> then you have come to the right place!

Raimund Royal RifeUsually, when you research frequency therapy on the Internet, we come up first Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. Dr. Rife lived from May 16, 1888 to August 11, 1971 and is considered to be the inventor of frequency therapy.

Above all, the discovery of the BX and BY Virus and his statements that he can destroy any tumor within a short time with frequency therapy can be found on the Internet at any time.

When he refused to sell his results to the pharmaceutical industry, all of his research was reportedly destroyed in a fire at his institute.

Well-known scientists at the time, who supported his results in several studies, turned away from him and frequency therapy from Dr. Royal Raymon Rife came to a standstill. But the idea behind it was not new, there were other researchers who were committed to this topic then as well as today.

Tesla NikolaTesla Nikola with the discovery of the scalar waves was in principle Dr. Royal Raymond Rife already far ahead.

The organismic Communication takes place through resonance phenomena, ie through synchronization or desynchronization. survivors Cells are tiny dipoles, that is, oscillating circuits that carry out an electromagnetic and a size oscillation as long as they live.

The vibration characteristics provide information about the type, function and vitality of the Zelle, Living tissue is eager to synchronize because it is the most physiologically favorable state. Cell communication takes place through resonance.

But this development continues!

Eder HerbertWe have significantly improved frequency therapy in the past 10 years and offer it by octaving the frequencies as follows:

  • magnetic therapy
  • Frequency therapy using zappers
  • Frequency therapy using plasma generators
  • Frequency therapy using scalar waves
  • Frequency therapy using music therapy
  • Frequency therapy using light therapy

The method of frequency therapy can choose between:

  • ordi2Frequency therapy according to Dr. Beck, Hulda Clark, Dr. Ryamond Royal Rife
  • Micro Current Therapy (MST)
  • Cranial electro-stimulation (CES)
  • Transcranial electro stimulation (TCES)
  • Galvanic fine current therapy (GFT)
  • Systemic frequency heap according to Nuna Nina
  • and much more.

 Where can we support:

  • Allergies
  • ordi3Autoimmune diseases
  • STDs
  • Infectious diseases
  • Children 'diseases
  • Cancer
  • Mental diseases
  • Pain
  • Food Unterträglichkeiten

Frequency therapy as a book recommendation:
Release DATE: February 2020

Frequency therapy in PRACTICE2

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Herbert Eder

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