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Plasma generator RZP 14

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (* May 16, 1888, † August 11, 1971)  was an American scientist and inventor. His microscope (up to 30.000 times optical magnification) and a highly effective one frequency therapy have led to the opinion that the end of all diseases is in sight. In 1934, a California university commissioned an excellent medical research committee to select sixteen terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital in Rife's clinic laboratory in San Diego. The team included doctors who were supposed to examine the patients after 90 days if they were still alive. Surprisingly, after the three months of treatment, all 16 patients were still alive, and after examining them, the committee documented that fourteen patients had fully recovered. After minor modification of Rife's treatment, the remaining two patients also became healthy during the following month.

Many were already in his lifetime Rifes Hypotheses and views were heavily criticized for lacking evidence and contradictions with scientific knowledge and met with general rejection. Many of Rifes Experiments and views are blatantly contradicting today's scientific knowledge. Neither on his microscopes nor on his claims about therapies against microorganisms or cancer, scientific papers have appeared in recognized publications.

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We have now installed an experimental plasma generator at the Institute of Information Medicine and have already noted that changes occur in the dark field microscope.

A number of frequencies are used by users of the Rife-Therapy is used in various diseases and is generally well tolerated. That a number of a few universal frequencies (728 Hz, 787 Hz, 880 Hz, 5.000 Hz, 10.000 Hz, 2.008 Hz, 2.127 Hz) can bring relief or healing in a large number of degenerative, chronic and acute inflammatory diseases, explains Rifes research (see pleomorphismology). Significant improvements can be observed in the dark field microscope, which are also confirmed by other therapists.

728 Hz, 787 Hz, 880 Hz, 5.000 Hz, 10.000 Hz are recommended for chronic or acute inflammatory disease processes; 2.008 Hz and 2.127 Hz are from Rife recommended for sarcomas or carcinomas. The following frequencies have also proven themselves in practical use.

728 Hz: one of the main anti-inflammatory Rife-Frequencies that Rife associated with the staph. Staphylococci are extremely common, often multi-resistant, pathogens that cause all types of purulent infections, such as pneumonia, sinus infection or endocarditis, and infect wounds.

787 Hz: one of the main anti-inflammatory RifeFrequencies.

880 Hz: one of the main anti-inflammatory Rife-Frequencies that Rife associated with the streptococci. Streptococci cause various infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever, tonsillitis, fever, erysipelas, rheumatic fever, endocarditis, glomerulonephritis, pneumonia, meningitis, pharyngitis, lymphadenitis and wound infections. Streptococcus pneumoniae causes most inflammation of the respiratory tract.

5.000 Hz: This frequently used frequency has an analgesic and blood purifying effect. Rife used it in many indications together with other frequencies.

10.000 Hz: This very important frequency harmonizes the nervous system and the organism; it is used in conjunction with other frequencies in almost all indications.

We are now using this device for experimental and follow-up studies in our institute and will record all experimental therapies using a darkfield microscope and HDI camera.

If you are interested in one of our experiments, you can contact us by phone at: 02762-52481.

Furthermore, we were commissioned by the manufacturer to sell these devices in Austria, install and train the technical staff. You will find more information here:

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