Frequency therapy, globules in animals

In German-speaking countries we look after a large number of cats, dogs and horses with FEI globules and frequency therapy, as the mode of action of frequencies and homeopathic remedies does not make any difference between humans and animals.

Our usual approach in the field of Veterinary medicine is as follows:

  • Complete the online order
  • Send a hair sample of the animal to:
  • NLS Informationsmedizin GmbH
    Babenbergerstrasse 21
    A-3180 lily field
  • Analysis and preparation of the globules on the same day the hair sample was received
  • Dispatch of the globules on the same day of the analysis


  • Initial analysis: € 75
  • Globules 10mg: € 20

Explanation of the form:

  • Master data of the animal owner
    The data including the photo are important so that we can analyze the energy relationship between the animal owner and the animal
  • Master data of the animal
    Please fill in completely including the photo
  • Order
    When ordering for the first time, there is only the combination of an initial analysis and a globule order, after the initial delivery, of course, the initial analysis is no longer necessary

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on +43 2762-52481.


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Herbert Eder

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