Super Ravo Zapper

The Super Ravo Zapper is the further development of the research results of Dr. Hulda Clarck and Dr. Royal Raimund Rife.

The Super Ravo Zapper is based on the principles of the so-called frequency therapy.

For further information on this interesting field of frequency therapy, we recommend the following books:

  • Dr. Hulda Clarck: Revolution in the treatment of diseases
  • Barry Lynes: The treatment of cancer has worked

The Super Ravo Zapper can be used either as a mobile device (disconnected from the computer) or as a therapy device in your practice.

The device is fully programmable by software and computer so that any frequencies can be played up. At the institute we analyze our clients by means of radionic or biofeedback testing and play the tuned frequency programs on the devices.



Adjustable frequencies:

Lower frequency: 1 Hz - 999 Hz
Upper frequency: 1 kHz - 900 kHz
Upward shift approx. 30 nS
Lower frequency: 0,001 Hz - 0,255 per second
Upper frequency: 0,001 kHz - 0,255 kHz per second

Adjustable output voltage:

Peak approx. 5 - 15 V
Dynamic evaluation depending on set frequencies and output voltage


744 Preset positions for individual frequencies or groups (PC) with editing capability in the device. Illuminated display 16 x 2 characters. USB port, which allows communication with your PC.


 We offer even more:

NLS frequency manualAll customers who order the Super Ravo Zapper from us (either online via the web shop or by phone) receive our current frequency manual free of charge.

This gives you access to over 1.500 programs that you can easily transfer to your device using the Super Ravo Zapper's computer software.

Details about the manual:

Page size: A4
Binding: spiral binding
Number of pages: 65 pages
Number of frequency lists: 1.555 frequency pathogens

Visitors to our website who already have a frequency device and are only interested in the frequency manual can purchase it from our e-book shop.

Further information is available here: Ebook NLS Frequency Manual 

Advice and sales and shipping at: + 43 2762 52481
Super Ravo Zapper Hotline in German


 What makes the Super Ravo Zapper one of the best devices on the market today?

The manufacturer of the Super Ravo Zappers started in the year 2006 with the development of a frequency generator, intended at that time exclusively for the Heimnuztung.

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, the author of many books on cancer treatment and frequency therapy, did not want to be associated with any zapper manufacturer on the market, but with the Super Ravo Zapper she made an exception due to the excellent technical properties of the zapper.

This went so far that Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark granted the copyright to the producer of the Super Ravo Zappers for the publication of her books.

The Super Ravo Zapper can do more than you think

  • The Super Ravo Zapper enables you to transfer or exchange over 1.500 pathogens from the software on the device memory using a USB cable
  • The Super Ravo Zapper allows you to create your own frequency therapy programs

We have created our own webinar that enables you to really take advantage of the Super Ravo Zapper

It is a life-time webinar, meaning you have lifelong access and can watch the videos again and again.

We also recommend this, because in this webinar we keep putting innovations to frequency lists and the device on the net.

The webinar costs a one-off fee of € 25, regardless of whether you bought the zapper from us or from another supplier.

Click here for the webinar: Super Ravo Zapper in practice

FAQ forum for questions before buying the Super Ravo Zapper:


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Predefined programs of the Super Ravo Zapper

memory program memory
Adenovirus 3
aflatoxin 4
Acne 5
alcohol addiction 7
Allergy alg. 6
Angina 9
anorexia 67
Arthritis 10
Asthma 11
Airway infection 41
stomach worm 83
beta cells 84
Beck blood zapper frequencies 12
Beta streptococcus 13
bladder infection 97
blood pressure 49
Lyme disease 18
Malignant ulcers 99
BX Virus 20
BY virus 21
Candida albicans 22
Candidiasis 45
Chlamydia pneum. 36
Chlamydia Trach. 37
Cytomegalovirus 23
Detox 25
Dr. Clark zapper frequencies 26
E coli 27
EB virus 28
cold 66
Fasciolop. buski 29
flatulence 65
Fubkahm 74
gallbladder 100
Gastritis 30
Gebärmutterpoly 24
ulceration 94
Flu 38
Haar 93
Halskrebsadenom 2
Sore throat 15
hemorrhoids 32
Helicb. pylori 31
Hepatitis 33
Herpes 34
HIV 35
to cough 46
Immune system stable. 39
Stimulate the immune system 40
Infection in general 42
Intertility 68
Hangover (excessive alcohol consumption) 44
knee pain 47
cramps 50
circulation 48
Liver 43
liver fluke 60
Legionella 52
Leishmania 53
leptospirosis 54
leukoplakia 55
leucosis 56
lungs 75
Lupus 58
lymphatic System 59
pinworms 79
Menopause Ritual 61
Migraine 62
mycosis 63
adrenal 64
kidneys 51
Papilloma virus 72
periodontosis 73
adenoids 77
Pseudo Aerugin. 76
Psoriasis 57
sore throat 96
back pain 17
Salmonella 82
scarlatina 85
insomnia 69
Shaking paralysis 89
swelling 71
Sklerosemultip 80
STPH. aureus 86
Strep. Pneumon. 88
Strep. pyogenes 87
Toxoplasmosis 90
acidosis 1
Universal Freq. 91
Urological infection 92
chill 70
prostate 78
wart 19
White blood cells 14
erysipelas 81
Gingivitis 95
toothache 16
zappicator 98


 Attention: This list is a storage space definition of the device and not by any means Heilaussagen or Heilversprechen! The Super Ravo Zapper is not a medical device but an experimental one, and in no way replaces a treatment by trained doctors and therapists!

  • Advantages in the area of ​​blog articles and product information:
    • Internal information on the applications of individual products
    • Further frequencies to the contributions, not just those CAFL - list
    • Access to the DNA frequencies
  • Access to our frequency database:
    • Over 6.000 frequency lists
    • Combined search for:
      • Pathogens
      • Source origin
      • frequencies
  • Advantages in the area of ​​the forum:
    • Questions in the member area will be answered 100% within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) by a specialist from NLS
  • Advantages in the area of ​​the online shop:
    • Free delivery of all products with the exception of the plasma devices
  • Advantages in the webinar area:
    • 10% on all booked webinars
  • Other advantages:
    • Free download of the CAFL - List as PDF
    • Free download of the CAFL - List as Excel

Take out a subscription for 12 months and pay € 15,60 per month.

Duration: 1 Monat
Price: € 15,60

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