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The Chlorella alga belongs to the genus of freshwater algae. In many aisatic cultures, chlorella algae are an essential part of the daily diet because of their diverse ingredients. It contains, among other things, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Specifically, vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium, caotinoids and chlorophylls are abundant in this algae form.


3 x 1 Cheese daily with plenty of liquid consume. The recommended recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. No substitute for a balanced and varied diet

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Chlorella - the underrated microalgae

 What is Chlorella exactly and what makes it so special? The answer to these questions we want to give you with this article. So much in advance: The microalgae Chlorella is in all respects a unique food. It also has a unique selling proposition that explains many of its uniquely positive effects on our health. In addition to its detoxifying properties, the chlorella alga supports our body and brain in almost all respects. Without a doubt, Chlorella claims to be one of the best supplements ever.

No plant contains more chlorophyll

The deep green color of Chlorella is due to its extraordinarily high chlorophyll content, which at this concentration could not be measured in any other plant. Chlorophyll is also referred to as the "green blood" of plants because it is almost identical in its chemical structure to the human blood pigment hemoglobin. Therefore, there is no better nutrient for our blood than chlorophyll.

In combination with organic minerals, chlorophyll ensures that our blood is clean, rich in minerals and vital. Only in this ideal condition, the blood can optimally nourish all body tissues and keep them healthy. This fact already suggests the importance of chlorophyll for our physical and mental health. In general, the higher the chlorophyll content of a food, the greater its health benefits at the same time.

Chlorophyll - the liver protection par excellence

Chlorella's unsurpassed levels of chlorophyll are of immense importance to the liver in particular, as they protect the liver cells from the countless toxins that enter the body on a daily basis. Whether it's food contaminated with pesticides, tooth poisons, mold, environmental toxins or other chemically toxic compounds, chlorophyll detoxifies them all and ensures that they are eliminated through the gut as quickly as possible.

This is how the chlorophyll of Chlorella algae works

Chlorophyll increases the protection and the ability to regenerate every single body cell. In this way, their life extends, so that the aging process is noticeably slowed down.

Chlorophyll also strengthens the circulatory system as well as the digestive system. Due to its strongly basic effect, chlorophyll also helps to restore a balanced acid-base balance. Furthermore, the antioxidant powers of chlorophyll protect the body from the effects of free radicals, preventing inflammatory processes and degenerating Cells (Cancer) can be counteracted. Chlorophyll also works in the intestine and protects against cancer by combining with carcinogenic toxins to form an insoluble conglomerate that can ultimately be excreted in the stool.

But that's not all.

Chlorophyll has many more health-promoting effects on our organism:

  • It stimulates the formation of red blood cells and contributes to blood purification.
  • It increases the oxygen content in the blood and improves cell respiration.
  • It activates the metabolism.
  • It protects the cell walls from penetrating enzymatic destruction bacteria.
  • It normalizes the secretion of digestive juices.
  • It supports all healing processes.
  • It has a harmonizing effect and promotes inner calmness.

Chlorella and her consummate detoxification collective

Chlorella is characterized by a wealth of detoxifying ingredients. In addition to chlorophyll, which has already been described in detail, the algae contain a unique mix of cell-protecting and detoxifying carotenoids (eg lycopene), glycoproteins (see CGF and CVE), glutathione - a sulfur-containing protein - and sporopollenin - a highly detoxifying component of the robust Chlorella cell wall. Two other important components, unlike those mentioned earlier, are still rather unknown. Or have you ever heard about Protectonien and De-Noxilipidnin?

Chlorella as a wholesome food

So far you have received so much information about the effect of Chlorella algae that it is time to share with you the nutritional benefits of this alga. Here, too, it becomes clear that everyone can benefit exclusively from the intake of Chlorella algae as a nutritional supplement.

Chlorella as an excellent source of protein

With about 60 percent, Chlorella provides the body with an extraordinarily high amount of high-quality, easily digestible proteins. Their biological value lies between 75 and 88 percent.

This is an excellent value, because this measure describes how much of the absorbed protein is converted into the body's own protein and thus made available to the body for all building and conversion processes of its cells, and thus also its organs and tissues.

Chlorella regulates carbohydrate metabolism

The carbohydrates and fats are quantitatively not much to book. With these nutrients, however, the peculiarities are in the detail. Chlorella accelerates the transport of glucose into the liver and into the muscle cells, so that the energy gained from it is noticeably faster available. This fact is certainly not only for athletes very interesting.

In addition, Chlorella not only "optimizes" a healthy carbohydrate metabolism, but also improves it significantly, if it is already disturbed. In diabetes mellitus, for example, the intake of Chlorella has already proven its worth.

Chlorella is rich in detoxifying fiber

The cell wall of Chlorella contains a wealth of fiber, which although also to the carbohydrates count, but are not digested. So they get undigested into the intestine and there are extremely valuable services to health. They stimulate intestinal activity and ensure a regular bowel movement. The partially high concentration of toxins and other pollutants found in the intestinal fluid are absorbed by the dietary fiber. They enter into an inseparable connection with these pathogenic substances, so that they can finally be excreted together via the stool.

The interesting fatty acid spectrum of Chlorella

Chlorella supplies more than 30 fatty acids, one third of which consist of saturated FS, unsaturated FS and polyunsaturated FS. Together, they help ensure that every body cell remains stable, yet flexible and therefore healthy. In the case of saturated FS, capric and lauric acids are particularly noteworthy because they are able to virus and kill intestinal parasites.

The high-level oleic acid - from the area of ​​unsaturated FS - has a preventive effect on various cancers and can also prevent stroke and heart attack.

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