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On the open day we offer you a complete overview of the topic frequency therapy.

We dedicate this day to all people who are interested in the topic of frequency therapy, whether it is health care or support in the illness or recovery process.

Information about frequency therapy:

  • What exactly is frequency therapy
  • What are the options for therapy?
  • What devices are there for home use
  • Which diseases can frequency therapy help with?
  • Frequency therapy as a household pharmacy without side effects

Free initial analysis and therapy test

  • Metabolic Analysis
  • virus and bacteria test
  • Energy level of the body and cell tension
  • Which frequencies do you currently need?

Possible dates for this day:

  • 09: 00 clock to 10: 00 clock
  • 10: 00 clock to 11: 00 clock
  • 11: 00 clock to 12: 00 clock
  • 14: 00 clock to 15: 00 clock
  • 15: 00 clock to 16: 00 clock



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Event details

Starts on:30.09.2021 09:00
Location:3180 Lilienfeld - Institute for Information Medicine - Babenbergerstrasse 21


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