Viruses and frequency therapy

shutterstock 1013325118In our article series on viruses in relation to frequency therapy you will get an overview of the destruction of viruses or the strengthening of the immune system by means of frequencies or frequency therapy methods.

For the individual virus strains, you will receive additional information on frequency lists for the respective virus-specific signature patterns.

If you, the user, doctor, therapist or energy specialist, have any further questions, please contact our hotline at: +43 2762 52481

Alzheimer's - viruses and bacteria as the main cause 07. February 2020
Herxheimer reaction 04. February 2020
Anti-infective electromedicine 01. February 2020
Corona Virus (2019-nCoV) 31. January 2020
Viruses and bacteria frequencies according to Dr. Csaba Vertesi 24. January 2020
Flu infection and frequency therapy 16. December 2019
HPV virus 03. December 2019
Echo viruses 03. December 2019
Adeno viruses 02. December 2019
Hepatitis viruses 02. December 2019
Herpes simplex virus 02. December 2019
Coxsackie viruses 02. December 2019

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