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 Super Ravo Zapper


Super Ravo ZapperIn 2021 we will stick to the statement that the Super Ravo Zapper is currently one of the best zapper devices on the market.

The technical data alone are impressive and speak for themselves:

Adjustable frequencies:

Lower frequency: 1 Hz - 999 Hz
Upper frequency: 1 kHz - 900 kHz
Upward shift approx. 30 nS
Lower frequency: 0,001 Hz - 0,255 per second
Upper frequency: 0,001 kHz - 0,255 kHz per second

Adjustable output voltage:

Peak approx. 5 - 15 V
Dynamic evaluation depending on set frequencies and output voltage


744 Preset positions for individual frequencies or groups (PC) with editing options in the device

The package also includes:

  • PC software with over 1.500 frequency programs for the device
  • Frequency manual CAFL Frequencies in bound form

This makes this device ideal for private users, doctors, therapists, etc.

If you use the device in a practice, you also have the option of connecting the software to the RPZ 14 or RPZ 15 plasma generator, thus including patient management.


Super Ravo Zapper in the online shop

Category: Zapper devices
1.500 frequency lists (CAFL) included on the software
Base price including VAT: € 750,00
Sales price: € 685,00
Sales price: € 570,83
Discount: -65,00 €
VAT amount: € 114,17
Standardized price / kg:

Category: Zapper devices
Super Ravo Zapper
1.500 frequency lists (CAFL) included on the software
Sales price: € 685,00
Sales price: € 570,83
VAT amount: € 114,17
Standardized price / kg:

Category: Zapper devices
Super Ravo Zapper - Lyme Disease Edition
1.500 frequency lists (CAFL) included on software 90 ...
Sales price: € 750,00
Sales price: € 625,00
VAT amount: € 125,00
Standardized price / kg:


Super Ravo Zapper accessories in the online shop

Electrode gel 250ML
Electrode gel for frequency devices
Sales price: € 7,01
Sales price: € 5,84
VAT amount: € 1,17
Standardized price / kg:

Super Ravo Zapper foot electrodes
Sales price: € 102,00
Sales price: € 85,00
VAT amount: € 17,00
Standardized price / kg:

Foot and hand electrodes for Super Ravo Zapper
Sales price: € 151,20
Sales price: € 126,00
VAT amount: € 25,20
Standardized price / kg:

 Diamond Shield Zapper


Diamond Shield Crystal ZapperWith the Diamond Shield Zapper range, you are spoiled for choice. All devices are small and handy, you can even use them while walking or jogging outdoors.

All three devices have the advantage that you can buy additional programs using frequency chips without having to deal with the frequency therapy having to deal with it in detail.

You can find more detailed information on the individual Zapper devices in the product declarations in the online shop. We would like to give a brief overview of the 3 device types:


Diamond Shield IE Zapper


The Diamond Shield IE is the perfect entry-level device for friends of frequency therapy.

The following programs are already integrated in the zapper:

  • Diamond Shield program for regulating, stimulating and discharging the entire meridian system
  • Wellbeing program
  • Relaxation program
  • Golden Stream program
  • Modulated flu program
  • Modulated runny nose program
  • Modulated back program
  • Pain program according to Dr. Rife modulated
  • Lyme disease program modulates
  • Program according to Dr. Beck
  • Classic Dr. Clark Program (7-20-7-20-7)
  • Continuous zapping according to Dr. Clark
  • Zappicator program
  • Plate zapping program
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)

Included in the delivery are:

  • Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS
  • Metal bracelet cuffs
  • electrode cable
  • 2 adhesive electrodes 80x45 mm
  • 9V block battery
  • Plastic case
  • ground wire
  • socket tester


Diamond Shield Zapper in the online shop

Category: Zapper devices
Diamond Shield Zapper IE
Base price including VAT: € 349,00
Sales price: € 335,00
Sales price: € 279,17
Discount: -14,00 €
VAT amount: € 55,83
Standardized price / kg:


Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper


DS C 2In addition to the programs of the Diamond Shield IE Zapper, the Chrystal Zapper offers further programs:

  • Crystal
  • Diamond Shield
  • Relaxation
  • wellness
  • Goldstream

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper IE EMS
  • Metal bracelet cuffs
  • electrode cable
  • 2 adhesive electrodes 80 x 45 mm
  • Earthing cable (plug type F, "Schuko")
  • socket tester
  • 9V block battery and charger
  • Plastic case
  • Electrode belt for using the Crystal program


Diamond Shield Chrystal Zapper in the online shop

Category: Zapper devices
Diamond Shield IE Crystal Zapper
Base price including VAT: € 498,00
Sales price: € 480,00
Sales price: € 400,00
Discount: -18,00 €
VAT amount: € 80,00
Standardized price / kg:


 Diamond Shield Professional Zapper


DS P 4The Diamond Shield Professional Zapper offers therapists or ambitious private users the opportunity to create frequency chips for Diamond Shield devices themselves. These chips are also rewritable and can therefore be used several times.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Diamond Shield IE EMS Professional
  • Metal bracelet cuffs
  • electrode cable
  • 2 adhesive electrodes 80 x 45 mm
  • ground wire
  • socket tester
  • 9V block battery
  • charger
  • Plastic case
  • Database chip card TOP121
  • Frequency primer II


Diamond Shield Zapper in the online shop

Category: Zapper devices
Diamond Shield IE Professional
Sales price: € 693,00
Sales price: € 577,50
VAT amount: € 115,50
Standardized price / kg:

Beck Zapper - MiniZap



The miniZAP® is an ingenious further development of the blood sapper according to Dr. Beck and can be worn comfortably on the wrist like a watch.

We tested the miniZAP® in our laboratory and were able to convince ourselves that it was strictly according to the specifications of Dr. Robert C. Beck has been developed. However, this zapper sets standards in terms of user-friendliness, flexibility and performance.

The device, controlled by a microprocessor, generates an electrical output current of up to 1000 µA.
This means that the device has a much higher output power than is usually endured. The tolerable limit is around 400-600 µA, even with a low skin resistance.

Only 50-100µA are effectively required in the blood, but 200-400µA is sufficient to flow through the electrodes. If you look at Dr. Beck listens carefully, then he occasionally says that up to "several milliamperes" are necessary. But he contradicted himself here, because he also says that you should "never go over the pain threshold".

Thanks to the miniZAP®, the real flowing amperage can be determined for the first time in the blood sapper. It can be clearly shown that the pain threshold of over 90% of all long-term users is 400µA.

The power consumption is also worth mentioning, the battery of the device lasts over 100 hours at 400µA.

The next revolution is that the zapper is equipped with 100% real constant current regulation. A CCC (constant current control) means that the miniZAP® regulates its output voltage up or down proportionally to the change in skin resistance.


MiniZap in the online shop

miniZAP blood electrifier
Base price including VAT: € 309,80
Sales price: € 285,00
Sales price: € 237,50
Discount: -24,80 €
VAT amount: € 47,50
Standardized price / kg:


Healy 1The Healy is the best-selling device worldwide in 2020. We think this trend will continue because no device has the functionality that Healy offers.

You also have numerous analysis functions on the app so that you get the frequencies you really need.

Since the additional subscription for animals, the device is really unique on the market.

It should be noted that the manufacturer himself speaks of a wearable for health - wellbeing - balance.


The Healy cannot be ordered via our webshop, you can conveniently order the device via our partner link:


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