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 Meta Hunter NLS


Hunter new 1

The new Meta Hunter NLS was launched by the manufacturer at the turn of the year 2020/2021. This was necessary because a large number of clones are produced in China and the manufacturer had to differentiate between them.

The first idea behind it was just to change the design, i.e. to bring the case onto the market in its current form.

Ultimately, the software has also been significantly improved.

In brief, there are three innovations in the software that pay off when upgrading existing Hunter 4025 systems to the Meta Hunter:

  • New chakra module
  • Improved 3D scanning in depth
  • Improved database of the Etalone, therefore up to 92% coverage in accuracy


Meta Hunter NLS in the online shop

Category: NLS systems
Meta Hunter NLS version 2021 including training
Base price including VAT: € 2050,00
Sales price: € 1800,00
Sales price: € 1500,00
Discount: -250,00 €
VAT amount: € 300,00
Standardized price / kg:

 Hunter 4025 NLS


Hunter 3

The bestseller from recent years has lost none of its charm and functionality.

On the contrary, the sworn fans of curve graphic analysis are still enthusiastic about the device.

However, the Hunter 4025 is already delivered with the new hardware design.

Updates to the Meta Hunter are possible at any time.

It should be noted, however, that the software version of the current Hunters 4025 NLS will usually only receive an update in exceptional cases (see e.g. Corona).

A further development in functionality will be based on the software version of the Meta Hunter NLS in the future.


Hunter 4025 NLS in the online shop

Category: NLS systems
Hunter 4025 Metatron including training
Base price including VAT: € 1950,00
Sales price: € 1500,00
Sales price: € 1250,00
Discount: -450,00 €
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Category: NLS systems
Hunter 4025 to Meta Hunter Software Update 2021
Sales price: € 180,00
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Category: NLS systems
Third-party Hunter 4025 to Meta Hunter Software Update 2021
Sales price: € 360,00
Sales price: € 300,00
VAT amount: € 60,00
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 Biophilia Intruder

Intruder 2The Biophilia Intruder has its real strength in the field of virus, bacteria and parasites.

The main difference is that all other systems are only available in level 2 (expert system) microorganisms display via the etalone per organ section. For experts who are in the frequency therapy specializing in parasites, this is a rather arduous path.

The Biophilia Intruder has an integrated function that allows you to concentrate only on viruses, bacteria and parasites during the analysis without having to scan the organ sections.

That makes it an indispensable analysis device, especially for frequency therapists.


Biophilia Intruder NLS in the online shop

Category: NLS systems
Biophilia Intruder NLS including training
Base price including VAT: € 4000,00
Sales price: € 2780,00
Sales price: € 2316,67
Discount: -1220,00 €
VAT amount: € 463,33
Standardized price / kg:

Biophilia tracker

Biophilia 1The Biophilia Tracker is the current flagship of the NLS systems. A concentrated load of feauters with an accuracy of 98% are waiting for the user.

The special highlights of the device are:

  • 4D torsion scan
  • Multiple Meta Therapy
  • Over 5.000 etalons
  • Remedy storage

The Biophilia Tracker is also the first device that can automatically perform analysis and therapy.


Biophilia Tracker in the NLS in the online shop

Category: NLS systems
Biophilia tracker including training
Base price including VAT: € 4500,00
Sales price: € 3240,00
Sales price: € 2700,00
Discount: -1260,00 €
VAT amount: € 540,00
Standardized price / kg:

Webinars 2021 in the field of NLS systems


Part 1:

  • History and mode of operation of NLS models
  • Administrator mode and its settings
  • Record and process master data
  • Examination of the object
  • Analysis of the object
    • Entropy symbols
    • The curve display
    • N spin and S spin
    • contours
  • Analysis mode level 1
    • META correction
    • Vegetotest
    • Reprinter
    • Metasode representative
    • Stove detailed
    • Locate
    • Remove localization
    • Black and white picture
    • Etalon test
    • comparative analysis
    • influence results
    • Spectrum
    • Show Ultrastructure Herd
    • pictograms
    • structure Description
    • function Description

 Part 2:

  • Analysis mode level 2 (expert mode)
    • Smart Filter
    • Virtual process model
    • Entropy analysis
    • NLS analysis
    • Biochemical homeostasis
    • Pathomorphology
    • Homöopathie
    • Express forecast
    • Prognosis
    • Epicrise
    • Etalon object
    • elimination
    • Reprinter
    • Vegetotest
    • Bacterial examination
    • Lithotherapy

 Useful accessories for NLS systems


Books in the online shop

Category: NLS systems
ABC of NLS systems
A learning book in German
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Curve graphics in NLS systems
Practical NLS expert knowledge
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Useful accessories in the online shop

Category: NLS systems
100 hygienic disposable headphone covers
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 Industry index NLS therapists

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Here you have the opportunity to document your know-how and get to know new clients.

Numerous filter options facilitate the targeted selection of the desired therapist, regardless of whether by country, language, device, qualification and much more.


The annual subscription "Business Directory" offers you the following advantages:

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  • AW: NLS systems at a glance

    from » 6 months ago

    I am asked again and again on the phone what differences there are with the systems. The list of differentiation is comprehensive, but there are always questions about it. You are welcome to put these in this section of the forum so that we can benefit from them together.  

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 NLS systems at a glance


  Biophilia tracker Biophilia Intruder Meta Hunter Hunter 4025 Bioplasm
Exam accuracy and
anatomical structures
96% 94%  92% 90% 85%
BioRes sensors number 4 2  2 2 2
Stallions 5000+ 2000+  90+ 90+ 10+
Webcam JA NO  NO NO NO
Quantum sensors JA NO NO NO NO
Fast analysis of bacteria and
Testing procedure 4D torsion 3D unit  3D spiral 3D spiral 2D unit
Testing speed very fast very fast fast fast fast
Multiple Meta Therapy JA JA NO NO NO
Automatic meta therapy JA JA NO NO JA
Vegeto Test - Media Storage JA JA NO NO NO
Automatic scan and therapy at the same time JA JA NO   NO NO
Bible analysis JA NO NO   NO NO
Blood group, face, iris analysis JA NO NO   NO JA
Individual screening cases JA NO NO   NO JA
Extended reports JA NO NO   NO NO
Acupuncture JA NO JA JA JA
chakras JA NO JA NO JA
Physical therapy JA NO NO   NO NO
Organ preparations JA JA JA JA JA
Biochemical homeostasis JA JA  JA  JA JA
pathology JA JA  JA  JA JA
Microorganisms and fungi JA JA  JA  JA JA
Allopathy JA JA  JA  JA JA
Homöopathie JA JA  JA  JA JA
Phytotherapy JA JA  JA  JA JA
Food supplements and preparations JA JA JA   JA JA
Nutrition JA JA  JA  JA JA
Lithotherapy JA JA  JA  JA JA
trace elements JA JA  JA  JA JA
Bach flower JA JA  JA  JA JA
Bach flower extracts JA NO  NO NO NO
Vitamins JA JA JA  JA JA
Emotion matrix JA JA JA  JA JA
Support upgrades JA JA JA  JA JA
Remote maintenance via Teamviewer JA JA JA  JA JA
Computer System Win7 / 8/10 / Win7 / 8/10 /  Win7 / 8/10 / Win7 / 8/10 / Win7 / 8/10 /


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