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Symptoms occur during the holidays and on weekends
Above all, workaholics are the least clear with an extended weekend, a bridging day or a family vacation. The body is accustomed to running at full power and responds to sudden relaxation with clear symptoms. Ambitious people who have a high sense of responsibility and have or want to perform an extreme performance daily on a daily basis, are particularly at risk of getting sick of Leisure Sickness. The so-called recreational patients can not leave their tasks even in the non-working time and are always on "stand-by". They have difficulty saying "no" and have a hard time breaking away from daily responsibilities and routine.

The age of those affected is between 16 and 87
Many studies have not determined their research on a specific age group. Therefore, it has been found that there is obviously no limitation of age down or up for this disease. Thus, the young people, the working people, the pensioner, as well as the elderly elderly people, who stated that they regularly get sick when they come to a period of relaxation after a long period of stress. Not only the workload is a risk factor, it also depends on the personality and the values ​​of those affected.

Cortisol levels are permanently elevated
As long as the stress level is maintained, the body forms the hormone cortisol in its adrenal cortices. In people who are under constant stress, there is a permanently elevated cortisol levels, which ensures that you feel good, - at least apparently. In the body, a process of habituation is set in motion and thus the increased cortisol level becomes the measure of all things. If the body lacks the stress associated with high levels of cortisol, the organism responds with a condition that may have withdrawal-like symptoms similar to nicotine withdrawal.

Every break means stress
While the stresses that sufferers experience each and every day become the normal condition, the actual stress for the body begins in periods of rest and calm. The body signals that it lacks something to function properly. The cortisol level is in the cellar and the immune system can start undisturbed. Migraines, indigestion, weakness, feverish colds, irritable bowel syndrome and irritability are the typical consequences of stress relief. The good mood is usually gone, many sufferers often spend the first days of annual leave in bed.

Medium and long term can only help to reduce the stress level in everyday life. There are many valuable tips that can help anyone affected by Leisure Sickness. Preventive measures must be taken to ensure that the next long weekend with the family or the annual leave does not interfere with symptoms of disease and ruins the mood of everyone involved.

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