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Lung damage is generally considered irreversible. Only single symptoms can be reduced. Studies have impressively proven that Spirovital therapy can achieve exceptionally good results, especially for lung diseases. In contrast to classic oxygen therapy, Spirovitalisation does not supply a higher amount of oxygen, but rather higher quality oxygen. So the lungs can better utilize the oxygen with the same power. The results are often less colds, easier coughing up of the mucus and thus freer breathing. A higher level of well-being and more physical energy are the result. Many users even report that walking and climbing stairs are easier.

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Differentiation to conventional medicine

All diagnosis and treatment methods presented here are the content of the naturopathic experience medicine and the methods from the research results of modern quantum physics, based on a number of Nobel Prize winners since about 1900. (Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, Nils Bohr, etc.) These are not among the generally accepted methods in the sense of recognition by the scientific conventional medicine, based on the classical physics since Isaac Newton (1642-1727). All statements made and findings on modes of action and indications of the presented methods are based on the current findings and empirical values ​​of the respective therapeutic directions themselves.
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