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Bach flower remedies can be used as alternative helpers in chronic or acute cases, and they are just as valuable as solution providers for issues of difference, as in stagnation or conflict.

How do Bach flowers work?

  1. Bach flowers work because of their vibrations
  2. The flowers have no physical effect on our body and the ingredients of the essences are not able to cause DIRECT physical reactions.
  3. Bach flowers work in us only because their vibration communicates with ours. So if there is a disharmony, the corresponding flower can make contact and harmonize on mental-spiritual level.

This is the basic principle of the mode of action without the knowledge of quantum physics or information medicine.


Today, scientists can now measure the vibration of almost everything (such as the vibration of colors). They measure how fast the tiny particles that compose everything move back and forth. The result is called frequency.

Matter and the mind are really nothing more than vibrations of different wavelengths and frequencies and thus manifestations of vibrations. It does not matter if it is about thoughts, feelings, light, colors, sounds, stones, metals or about us as a living organism.

The problem with previous Bach flower therapy was the time of measurement.

Measurement results can change daily, and then humans need further adapted vibration patterns. In the present time, a Bach flower consultation 1x per month takes place, in the knowledge of modern information medicine, this should be done sequentially several times a day to bring the correct vibration patterns in the organism.

Using state-of-the-art quantum physical methods, we can observe you in real time and deliver the right vibrations to you every second. That was at the time of Dr. Edward Bach not yet possible.

Take the quantum leap in your Bach Flower Therapy through Quantum Physics and RTI from the Institute for Information Medicine
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