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Electrosmog - The danger to your health

Imagine that about 100 trillion Cells communicate in the human body using complicated, low-frequency electromagnetic signals and biochemical reactions. This communication ensures that the cells multiply in a structured manner and that all body functions function.

When a human organism is constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation, these cell communication pathways can be severely disturbed or disrupted. This leads to disorders of the substance and, last but not least, to diseases. The biological stress significantly affects physiological processes and intercellular communication.

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Especially in your home, you should make sure that the unnecessary unnecessary electrosmog are exposed.

The fact is: electric smok is invisible, but more than dangerous!

There are numerous scientific studies that electrosmog is one of the biggest causes of disease.

This electro smog we are delivered daily: power lines, transmission towers, WIFI, electrical installations in the house, etc. The electromagnetic radiation EMR is currently 100 to 200 times higher than even before 100 years!

Many health problems have been linked to EMR, including some cancers (especially tumors in the brain, eye or ear and leukemia), miscarriages, malformations, chronic fatigue, headaches, stress, dizziness, heart problems, autism, learning disabilities, insomnia and Alzheimer's.

Whatever else you may think of this highly technological world, it is clear that it endangers our health. The physician, researcher and expert in electromagnetic radiation, Dr. med. Robert Becker, author of the book "Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution," who has twice been nominated for the Nobel Prize, has expressed extreme concern about electrosmog:

"I have no doubt that the largest, worldwide
Pollution factor right now the spread of electromagnetic
Fields is. I find that far more worrying than global warming [...]
and the proliferation of chemicals in the environment. "

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